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    Warden after HD -Tree suggestions

    I tried all of the warden's trees now so I had to edit my previous post. I had problems with the red tree which I started to play first, so I was afraid everything is wrong, but after I tried the blue tree I found out they moved all what I liked about warden's class to this tree and Im happy it does work perfectly.
    But still it seems to me that in the blue tree I do almost the same dmg as in the red tree but with better defence, so I hope they will work on it.
    Also I miss something more interesting in the yellow tree. So I was thinking about it and I had this ideas:

    If it doesn't have that good defence, I would make it more like a ninja. I would make their sneak stronger, more types of ambush and the rest I would leave like it is.

    The yellow tree:
    I would make it more like a scout - I would add some weak tracking and trapping.
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