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    May we have more cosmetic/housing items added to the factions who don't offer them or in addition to what they have please?
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    In no particular order:

    When can we expect to see group content that utilises our class roles (other than DPS) in 2014?

    Is the LI system/UI going to be revamped in 2014?

    Can we please move away from RNG rewards? A little random is OK but I've had double figures Platinum pockets, and not single ring on my Main for example.

    Will Carn Dum et al (not the Rift I know about that), ToO be scaled in near future (2014/15)?

    Can you please take a major look at scaled instances, specifically creature morale pools, mitigations, and the low damage dealt by creatures?

    Can we have the promised currency consolidation (Festival currencies), and can you please start to consolidate the regional barter currencies?

    Are VIP perks slated for an overhaul - for example free respecs, bonus trait tree, more fluff - to make it more attractive?

    Would the team consider bringing back locks and readjusting seal payouts accordingly?

    Would you consider an areana style PvMP area, say in the Delving of Fror?

    Could we have a more detailed roadmap for 2014/15 please?

    Thank you for listening.

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    Any talks/plans/debates on merging servers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    We’re putting together our next 20 Questions feature! Post your LOTRO question here before noon eastern time on Monday, January 28. We’ll select at least 20 of the most frequently asked questions and answer them in our next 20 Questions feature.

    We do have a few requirements.

    • Keep your questions brief and to the point. We don’t need a lot of back story or editorial, just ask the question.
    • Please do not ask compound or multi-part questions.
    • Make sure you are asking a question. Lengthy opinions that end in a question mark aren’t questions.
    • Questions that have been asked and answered in the past won’t be chosen again, so please make your question count!

    You have until noon eastern time on Monday, January 28 to ask your questions. Then we’ll compile them, answer them, and post them for everyone to read as quickly as we can.

    How many questions are we allowed to ask? Thanks.

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    1. When *exactly* (date) will the housing update occur, and what *exactly* (list of features) will it entail?
    2. When (date) will there be a new classic multi-boss raid added to the game?
    3. Will the kinship revamp proposal be implemented or not--yes/no?

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    Why are you guys no longer making traditional instance clusters/raids?

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    whats going on with the loot bags
    is leveling going to be easier?
    and in take the hobbits to isengard Sapience said something about raising the difficulty in some areas

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    why are you alienating the 2 biggest groups that play mmo's by discontinuing the production of raids and pvp content?
    is there any chance of you reversing your decision of not making anymore traditional raids or new pvp regions?

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    Will the Paths of the Dead be an instance cluster and/or raid?
    Will Osgiliath be an instance cluster and/or raid?
    Will Cirith Ungol be an instance cluster and/or raid?
    Will Minas Morgul be an instance cluster and/or raid?
    Will the Black Gate be an instance cluster and/or raid?
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    Can we expect to see an existing cluster scaled during this year of "no new instances/raids"?

    Which areas are we likely to see scaled next?

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    before, when examining the stats on the character panel, armor value was added in whole to the overall common mitigations.
    now when you scroll over it, the top bullet states that the armor value decreases the damage you take, as well as having a second bullet that still says that the value is added to the mits.
    So my question is, does each bullet represent a different effect of the armor value, and if it does, exactly how does the armor value work into the damage you take?

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    How is MadeofLions coming along in helping to get the charge of the Rohirrim to conclude the Helm's Deep story?
    Like above, how goes progress into getting the vignette's complete for each of the new Epic Book chapters?
    Are the Paths of the Dead an actual plan for Turbine to take us through?

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    What are your plans for end-game content given the reception of Big Battles?

    How do you feel the big battles were received by the player base in general? (Specifically, those who play group content or raid regularly.)

    I feel the minstrel was ignored for the most part in 12.2, are there any plans to address the issues we have raised in the minstrel forum?

    I'd love to see the Isengard cluster scaled, any chance we'll be seeing that this year?

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    Are you planning a major Ettenmoors update during 2014?

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    1. First of all: Will "We can not get out" ever get fixed?
    2. Will there ever be a character model revamp? Especially for elves?
    3. Will we get more hairstyles?
    4. Will there ever be real red or light blonde hair for elves?
    5. Will there ever be cosmetic (and other - I'm thinking of heavy armour chestplates here) wear that looks good on female characters too, apart from dresses?
    6. Will tailors get cosmetics recipes?
    7. Will armour/cosmetics ever be dyable with two colours?
    8. Will there be a revamp of the slayer deeds - especially the ones where there ain't a camp or something of the needed mobs (creepers in the Trollshaws, anyone?)?
    9. Will there be a revamp of the class deeds? (placing traps as a hunter when you're bowmaster for nothing just sucks...)
    10. Will the housing areas ever not be in the middle of nowhere or at least get a proper travel hub?
    11. Will the bags ever have an auto-sort function like the vault?
    12. Will the drop rate of useful recipes ever get up (more bows, crossbows, swords, daggers and axes instead of exotic instruments and clubs)?
    13. Will there ever be a chance to do something about the "lost" former Codemaster accounts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crell_1 View Post
    Is Palantir expected to close down like Mourlands is leaving us with a single test program?
    Slightly off-topic (sorry Sapience), but Kehleyr posted yesterday in the Palantir discussion thread about a new wave of invites that just went out. I doubt they would expand the program if they were expecting to close it.

    Quote Originally Posted by dusken View Post
    Being as important as it sounds, and knowing this year we won't have a major expansion, why is that Turbine doesn't have plans on a new kinship system for LOTRO?
    Quote Originally Posted by AlmericITA View Post
    If not Kinship revamp, what kind of revamp can have a big impact on players?
    Quote Originally Posted by Thoronthor View Post
    Why has upgrading kinships been abandoned?
    5. Why do you not think upgrading kinships is a priority?
    8. Seriously...why don't you care about kinships?
    15. Kinships?
    Quote Originally Posted by sakisman View Post
    Will we see revamped kinships?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mar-Evayave View Post
    A question was asked about kinship improvements; are kinship vaults (space and currency bank, accessible from any vault-keeper) a possibility?
    Quote Originally Posted by JulianPL View Post
    When is kinship revamp coming?
    Quote Originally Posted by Laire View Post
    Kinship revamp: Any plans?
    Quote Originally Posted by wachkussen View Post
    What are the intended aims and purposes for a kinship revamp?
    Quote Originally Posted by Whart View Post
    3. Will the kinship revamp proposal be implemented or not--yes/no?
    Quote Originally Posted by BangoTwinkletoes View Post
    7. Is there any assessment being undertaken to implement the proposed Kin Revamp - see thread https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...evamp-Proposal.
    Quote Originally Posted by PKCrichton View Post
    Is there any hope of a Kinship Revamp sometime this year? This system has been requested for years to be worked on. A couple of features we all really want are 1. More Member Ranks within the kin. 2. Customizable permissions of kinship commands based on member rank. 3. Ability to designate 3 different sections of the Kin Chest to different kinship member ranks. 4. The ability to customize the member rank titles beyond the racial defaults that the kin was founded under.
    A lot of love for kinships

    My questions:
    1) Can we expect a kinship revamp anytime in the near future? (I know it has been answered a year or so ago that Turbine would like to revamp the system, but it was not set in stone back then)
    2) What plans do Turbine have for a kinship revamp? (if answer to question 1 is yes)
    3) Will we see anymore developments in the Lua API? or perhaps, is there any dev still working on the Lua API?
    4) What can we expect in the updates to player housing?
    5) What is the surprise mentioned in the producer's letter?
    6) When will applications open for this years Player's Council?
    7) Which regions are scheduled for a revamp this coming year?
    8) What are Turbine's development plans for end-game group content this year? If no more instances/raids then perhaps a new group region (similar to Limlight Gorge)?
    9) What are Turbine's long-term plans for the game beyond 2014?
    10) Would it be possible to see more dev interaction with the community going forward?
    11) We now have level scaling tech introduced with Big Battles, what are Turbine's plans to expand on this tech? Mentoring perhaps? or on-level instances?
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    1. Considering the lack of an expansion this year, revamps to old areas, the dramatic change of easing game play, and a potential new class do you now consider alting the "endgame?"

    2. If not, then why has specific class mechanics been rendered mute in the face of content that doesn't utilize traditional roles?

    3. Speaking of class roles, the stated reason for the trait trees being implemented was to allow for the development of challenging content that requires players to make thoughtful and important choices. What happened to such content? Will it ever be developed? Will we continue to see content that fails to utilize a class specific role?

    4. Many have expressed a desire for traditional instances and raids of a moderate difficulty. Considering the popularity of such content do you think you may reconsider the current path of development? Are your hands tied from developing such content due to financial constraints or other obligations?

    5. Considering PvP is one of the primary benefits of a subscription, do you plan on addressing balance and content within the Moors in a year that is heavily focused on VIP perks?

    6. Many long time players have dropped their VIP in the wake of Helms Deep, including myself. Are you concerned with addressing the issues that caused them to leave or drop their sub? Do you want them to become excited about LOTRO again? If so, the answers to the questions i posed here, as well as numerous others within this thread, will be a good way to show them you value their input and contributions.

    7. Has your primary focus shifted to solo and new player interests?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jilraen View Post
    Will the Paths of the Dead be an instance cluster and/or raid?
    Will Osgiliath be an instance cluster and/or raid?
    Will Cirith Ungol be an instance cluster and/or raid?
    Will Minas Morgul be an instance cluster and/or raid?
    Will the Black Gate be an instance cluster and/or raid?
    Was about to ask similar ones and this one:

    Are the currently scaled instances and raids going to be made harder and more challenging than they are now?
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    When will Infinite Crisis launch and will there be a reallocation of resources after that has happened?

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    Will PvP ever be addressed with some love or are we just doomed because in your own words we're a minority?

    Will you guys ever make this a MMORPG again or is Lotro going to be a facebook app that you can list your likes and show to your "friends" in facebook?

    Why did you do all those classes changes, which are meant to do more group content, when the group content is complete garbage and even my late grandma could probably solo a 6man instance as they're now?

    Do you care at all about your veterans and the gamers that loved and supported your game, or are you too busy preparing a livestream event where you run around bree picking potatoes?

    Yeah I know I'm being rude, but guess what, it destroys me seeing how much this game has fallen.

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    Below is what I would like to see added to the 20 questions. Apologies if some of these appear duplicated but I want to keep them in for added emphasis:

    1. Epic Battles aside, can you please outline your overall strategy and content roadmap for delivering new instances and raids, and in particular highlighting whether LOTRO will ever see a new multi-boss progression raid at lvl cap.

    2. It was good to see landscape group content reintroduced with HD that was not tied to warbands. The question of difficulty aside, what is the overall intention regarding landscape content that focusses on groups? Will the game see again areas akin to Thors Comb, Limlight Gorge, Dol Dinen, Outside Fornost and so forth.

    3. Do you have any plans to reinvigorate the use of the instance finder?

    4. Are there plans in place to address the use of class quests, deeds and the HD quests as a means to obtain trait points?

    5. What are your plans for working Virtues and Class Traits into the new trait system? As virtue levels increase in the future, is the intent to keep the system and the means to aquire them as it current is?

    6. As the lvl cap is now 95 and no doubt future expacs will see that go up beyond lvl 100, what plans do you have to make lvl cap and end-game appear achievable for new players? In particular, what views do you have for LOTRO providing multiple & viable paths to lvl cap?

    7. Is there any assessment being undertaken to implement the proposed Kin Revamp - see thread https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...evamp-Proposal

    8. What do you, Turbine consider to be the critical success factors for this game?

    Thank you.

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    May there please an official FEMALE dwarf character option? Please?

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    A few regarding quests.

    1) For the past few expansions/updates the quests appear to have gotten more and more linear in design. For example : levels aside, you can not start quests in Beaconwatch before doing quests in Aldburg. Will this trend continue, or are the devs open to making quest lines more web-like?

    2) Will we ever have multiple options for completing a quest/quest line? For example : currently if Thane Evil McBackstabber sends you out to 'rescue' the widow of the dead Thane of the next town over and bring her back to him for 'protection', you have two options - "sounds legit, I'll be right back with her", or never complete the quest at all (and get locked out of the rest of the line due to my question 1 above). Will we ever see a quest where we have the option to complete the quest in different ways? This could also be something like giving you the option of sneaking into an enemy camp as stealthily as possible to gather intel for a follow up attack by soldiers in a near by town, or charge in on your own and hope for the best.

    3) Trying not to sound judgmental or negative, but ... many players have expressed concern over the seemingly large number of "go clean up those dishes, wouldja, luv?"-type quests our heroes are given throughout all of HD. Never mind any "it's justified, because the city is evacuating/they don't know you're a hero/slayer quests are boring/the dishes are really REALLY dirty", and accepting that it IS desirable and fun to have the occasional break from the "go save the world from those 24 Orcs! (again)"-type quests, has the concern about those quests in HD been heard by the Dev team, are they receptive to that feedback, and can we have hope that the frequency of those quests will see a sharp drop off going forward?
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    - Will there ever be any revamp of the character creation system (new models, more hair styles, more faces...)?

    - Will we ever see some content from the Silmarillion, in session-play or any other way?

    - Can you please simplify the LI, making a 3rd age LI always weaker than a 2nd age one than a 1st age one?


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