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    • Do you think is possible to have in the foreseeable future something like Limlight Gorge (a region for group playing) ?
    • Sapience, do you think that Player council is doing good? What can be improved in the PC?
    • We all know that a huge revamp like the one just happened to classes need some time to be balanced. What we still need to achieve balance?
    • We will get later First Age LI, but not trough Raids. Can you anticipate, at least a little, how we will obtain them?
    • If not Kinship revamp, what kind of revamp can have a big impact on players? (mh, maybe that one sounds like an opinion with a question mark in the end)
    • When you say in your official statements like "We’ve heard a lot of you suggest..." and "Players have expressed a desire to..". Where do player have suggested that kind of things? How is possible for me to express my desire ?
    • Any chance to see the access to Ettenmoors possible buying some "Ettenmoors Pass" in the store and not only through VIP?
    • Can you give us more information about the license renewal? When will it end? Is only for LOTRO or for any LOTR games for Turbine\WB?
    • Turbine stated more than once that will not be server merges. It's because there's technical problems or because the state of the game don't require that kind of action (basically the question is, there's the possibility to merge server)?
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    There are currently multiple leveling paths for 0 to 75. From Rohan onwards things have become very linear and therefore repetitive!

    Q. - Any plans to add additional/alternate lvl 75+ areas in the future?

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    Will we get any raids this year (or any challenging instances), or it will all just be about bug fixes and small quest packs?

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    roadmap/Plan on technical side ?

    1. Do you plan to update the graphics engine ?
    2. Do you plan to decrease ingame and out of game loading times ?
    3. Do you plan to fix the performance/freeze/client-crash whatever bugs *systematically* ? (sounds harsh, isn´t meant so ;-)

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    Can you give us another hint about the surprise coming later this year (which, from the Producer's Letter, I gather will be a new class)?

    Can you tell us when we will get the first parts of the housing update?

    Will you be making the Summer Festival a lot more interesting (it is currently the dullest of the lot, imo, due to being ignored while expansion development went on)?

    Will the Paths of the Dead be landscape, Session Play, or just a few story instances as part of a Book Quest? Lore might suggest we shouldn't enter, but it is such an iconic location that I'd hate not to be able to fully immerse myself in it on my own character.

    Will the first part of Gondor be a separate region or part of a single region update (for example, a sliver of Gondor as a sub-region)?

    Can we expect any changes to the Legendary Item system this year (barring tweaks to legacies)?

    Can we get a unified inventory bag (like the One Bag) with sorting options?

    Can we expect any more Big Battles this year (even if they are expansions of existing ones to different sizes)?

    Can we expect First Age weapons this year?

    Can we expect new armour sets this year?

    When can we expect the promised crafting instances?

    Are there any plans to add non-Warband repeatable quests to let us get tokens for the West Rohan barters?

    What one new addition to the game this year are you, Sapience, most excited about?

    Is that enough questions?

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    Cheers to everyone :>

    1) Are there any plans / revisions / perspectives concerning the PvP-part of the game?
    2) Upcoming instances: Are they meant to be more challenging again?
    3) Are there any changes concerning the virtues?

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    1. Any plans to balance pve and pvp?
    2. Are you ever going to scale creep traits/racials/skills?
    3. Was it intended for freeps to be able to cap mitigations, cap bpe (ive seen this on ministrel), get high crit d, and get high resist without any real sacrifice to offensive stats?
    4. Do you intend to make this game challenging in pve?

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    Will we ever see Northern Mirkwood, Erebor, New Dale, or the Rebuilt Esgaroth? There is war and battle in the north as well.

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    - Will the update to old zones be more cosmetic (a la Bree) or involving a streamlining of quests like with Evendim? Or a bit of both?
    - Which zones will get dusted off?
    - Will there ever be a connection between northern Wildermore and Limlight Gorge (even if the builders at the river were slain)?
    - Will we get Tharbad or rather a connection between the both parts of the Greenway?
    - What about instances involving mounted combat? Any plans for them?
    - I want to take my chicken to Edoras and Caras Galadhon. How are my chances? Will we be able to cross from Dunland into Rohan?

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    1. When do you plan the next Instance Cluster and Raid? Not a new BB or skirm, but traditional group content.

    2. Are you planning to fix the aggro management for tanks from where it is now?

    The rest of my questions would be too class-specific and probably snarky, so I'll leave it at these.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gedrevn View Post
    What else is planned for end game players (I.E. Level 95, fully geared, and traited)?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tirian-Hammerfist View Post
    Sapience mentioned that there would be no raids/instances in 'the near future'. Does this mean that we won't be seeing new raids before the next expansion?
    These questions and also do you intend to revisit and refine game mechanics, such as the LI system and war-steeds? Both of these need a spit & polish IMO. LI especially as combining loads of relics is a gruelling process.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jewl_of_the_lake View Post
    Will we ever see Northern Mirkwood, Erebor, New Dale or the Rebuilt Esgaroth?
    These areas fall under 'The Hobbit' license and we won't see them as the devs have previously stated
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    Racial v. Class Damage Bonuses

    Is there any chance that classes that are "experts" at certain weapon types, i.e. wardens with spears, burglars with daggers, have that damage increased to match the racial damage bonuses so as to have more variety to weapon choice rather than hobbit = club, man = sword, elf = one handed sword/bow, dwarf = axe?

    Is there any chance to add new expert weapon proficiencies to other classes, maybe hunters with axes or daggers, for example?

    Thank you.
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    1. Will there be more group content?

    2. Why wont there be more group content?

    3. Will there be any update to the functionality of kinships?

    4. Why has upgrading kinships been abandoned?

    5. Why do you not think upgrading kinships is a priority?

    6. Will you fix the anticlimactic ending to the Western Rohan epic arc? (we want to charge out with Theoden and Aragorn!)

    7. Will you be bringing out more 3/6/12 man big battle versions?

    8. Seriously...why don't you care about kinships?

    9. Will there be a landmass expansion this year?

    10. LIs are still grindy, boring and decidedly UNlegendary many years later, any plans?

    11. Any plans for more MC content that isn't Warbands?

    12. Will there be new landmass this year?

    13. Are there less devs working on Lotro than a year ago?

    14. Are you giving RockX a raise?

    15. Kinships?

    Al right, im out of ideas for now
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    Will there be more cosmetic dresses for festivals?

    Can there be new deeds for monster players? A bird slayer deed or make that sleeping squirrel killable would really add to my enjoyment. Also adding a coney (bunny) slayer deed would be hilarious for reavers.

    Will fishing get more deeds?

    Will more hobbies be considered?

    How is the housing update progressing?
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    Will the music system be given any love?

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    Instance scaling?

    How do you determine wich instances get scaled to max level?

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    1: How are you going to make it up to the kinships who have lost many members due to your poorly thought out stance on challenging end game content?

    2: Can we expect some armour sets for PvE any time soon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldarian_Grace View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bhoris_they_spider View Post

    I have had the same jewellery platinum reward from BBs 4 times in a row now. I don't mind an element of RNG but it is highly frustrating to have to delete 3 platinum reward in a row making all my efforts effectively for nothing. Are you happy with the system or do you wish to change it to prevent such frustration? Could we at least barter unwanted rewards for something useful?
    you can, but you need seals. RNG for solo players, seals grind and choice for raiders being the current implementation.
    Let Bhoris' question stand, it's a good one. Particularly applied to the gold drops. Can't buy those with seals, entirely at the mercy of the RNG.

    I know I've sold probably 20+ teal-coloured Platinum rewards so far, with nary a gold-coloured drop. It's a great question.

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    Post Top 10

    1. Is there going to be a new class? how soon?
    2. why cant dwarfs be wardens?
    3. Is there going to be a turbine point refund again? when? last time I could not figure out where to put the coupon for it.
    4. are you working on fixing the lotteries? what is the progress?
    5. Is there any reason for heavy render lag? is it fixable?
    6. Is V.I.P. going to change or improve? when? (there should be, I have wasted so much T.P. and so has everyone else)
    7. Why did you decrease hunter D.P.S.? Can you increase it again please
    8. Is it possible to trade gold for Turbine Points?
    9. Are coupons going to become more valuable? when?
    10. Are gold hobbit presents actually more valuable then silver hobbit presents?

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    1. Now that we are having scheduled events (Take the Hobbits to Isengard) will any thought be given to more official events perhaps for things like freeze tag games and raids?

    2. Please can each server have Official Raid Leader titles/positions for each server's best raid leaders? Perhaps elected by server vote or formal job application/interview via Turbine. Their duties: to lead via voice chat a set number of *scheduled* raids per week. Their rewards: well, I don't know. Maybe the title alone is enough though personally I suggest free VIP while Raid Leader/free TPs. We all know who these people are. They are more valuable than mithril dust, and I suspect many have left following Helm's Deep (certainly they have on my server, Dwarrowdelf). And I know I for one want them back!! And I also know I'm not alone in wanting them back!

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    Since their is no expansion release in 2014, Is their any plans to properly address and fix the exploits for the rep/rebuild instances for hybolt so the loot in all of rohan can be properly restored? Killing mobs for no loot is wrong..
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    Last year we were told about a housing update in the works, how is that coming? Can you give us any info on what will change?

    Will anything be done in future to increase the difficulty in the PvE side of the game?

    Living in hope, will there be any updates to PvP in the near future? (not just balancing stuff but proper content)

    Will we ever see more than 15 ranks in PvP?
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    Will you fix the fog in Forochel?
    Will you grant swift travel within the Trollshaws?
    Will you add more solo quests in the Trollshaws that give Elves of Rivendell reputation?
    Will you add Return to Esteldin as a earnable skill?
    Will you enhance the questing in West Rohan to provide a less linear experience?
    Will you add any new raids at any time during 2014?
    Will you add more Mounted Combat quests?
    Will you add more "follow the fellowship" quests in Eregion?
    Will you allow low-level Scholars to use the Rivendell stable to travel back and forth to Bree?
    What kinds of updates are you contemplating for enhanced housing? Will Mithril Coins be necessary for all these enhancements?
    Have you found a way for Kin members to contribute Mithril Coins so that the leader can purchase additional storage?
    Or, will you have an in-game method of acquiring and sharing Mithril Coins?
    Will you enhance Dunland so that the Rangers appear a bit more effective?
    Will we see the Four Riders again?

    Thank you.

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    1. The Auction house system is very empty any plans to improve the economy?

    2. Are there plans for more cosmetics regularly we need them.....bad.

    3. Will you be giving us your content schedule so we may look forward to new things but, not necessarily hold you accountable if it is a little late.

    4. Will there be any light on this new class myth?

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    Will we see classes become capable of dying or will be this OP from now on?

    Will we see LI revamps?

    Will we see revamped kinships?

    Will we see in game money find more use and or will it be harder to get?

    Will you continue to make easy content or will you add challenging content in the future?


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