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    Question Twenty Questions – Request for Player Submissions

    We’re putting together our next 20 Questions feature! Post your LOTRO question here before noon eastern time on Monday, January 28. We’ll select at least 20 of the most frequently asked questions and answer them in our next 20 Questions feature.

    We do have a few requirements.

    • Keep your questions brief and to the point. We don’t need a lot of back story or editorial, just ask the question.
    • Please do not ask compound or multi-part questions.
    • Make sure you are asking a question. Lengthy opinions that end in a question mark aren’t questions.
    • Questions that have been asked and answered in the past won’t be chosen again, so please make your question count!

    You have until noon eastern time on Monday, January 28 to ask your questions. Then we’ll compile them, answer them, and post them for everyone to read as quickly as we can.

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    Can you be more specific on future plans for this year?

    Are the Fangorn Forests and Isengard Ents content updates still slated for March?

    We're getting revamps for Book 13, any plans to add new region content vs. just updating old regions?

    What else is planned for end game players (I.E. Level 95, fully geared, and traited)?

    Are we able to look forward to any more Big Battles in the near future?

    Are there any plans to rebalance stats so we have more than just Vitality + Class Stat + Phys/Tac Mastery to build?

    What new things are possible or planned now that we've had the class skill/trait revamp?

    Will the Vanguard Line of the Big Battles be seeing a revamp since it's basically not useful right now?

    Any plans to fix mitigations in the Ettenmoors?

    With the aggro revamp a lot of items and skills that revolved around aggro are now either broken or gone. Any plans to tweak aggro management beyond just tanking classes?

    Any plans to create newer and more difficult/complex content than what we've seen recently?

    Just to help with the duplicate questions, here's links to answered questions:

    Q/A Hobbits to Isengard - Elendilmir

    Questions in This Thread That Already Have Answers

    Questions from below summarized:

    Are there plans for a kinship system revamp? (Dusken)

    When will the icons for the HD release - I.E. Red emeralds - get updated to actually match what they are? (LethalLethality)

    When can we start to expect new raid and instance content? (ilwing1)

    Will any more of the older instances be scaled in the future? (Elrantiri)

    We’ve heard a little bit of talk before on the RNG, any plans to make it less frustrating? (Bhoris_they_spider)

    What updates does jinjaah have planned for the Ettenmoors? (Tirian-Hammerfist)

    Any plans to improve the Instance Finder? (DanteIL)

    Are there any planned changes for VIPs in terms of rewards or payment options? (Finranduil)

    When will we be getting 95 First Age Legendaries? (AlmericITA)

    Any chance Free/Premium players will be able to purchase PvMP access through the store? (AlmericITA)

    Will there be additional leveling options 1-85 in the planned revamps? (Grapold)

    What is being done to address zone FPS issues and Server/Routing Latency problems? (Zwiebellord)

    Are there any planned changes to revamp legendary items? (Belnavar)

    Will there be a new crafting instance for Helm’s Deep? (Belnavar)

    Are there any plans to revamp zone connections / add better swift travel options throughout the world? (West-northwestook)

    Are there plans for more group content? (Thoronthor)

    Will there be more cosmetic items – staff or player made – added to the game? (catrean)

    When can we expect new armor sets? (Wyvernclaw)

    Are there any plans to revamp the daily cap limits from Hytbold? (Gagmuk)

    Is there any way to improve the economy/auction hall? (Whitewinged7)

    Are there plans to include additional class skills / trait points? (TheCrossbow)

    Is anything being done towards revamping Virtues and Racial Traits? (TheCrossbow)

    Are there any plans to improve the availability of Emerald Shards? (J_Howell)

    Grouped by similar questions based from the first person to ask. Left out questions that have already been answered or were too specific.
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    What is the emote /airlute and how do we get it?
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    Is Palantir expected to close down like Mourlands is leaving us with a single test program?
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    Being as important as it sounds, and knowing this year we won't have a major expansion, why is that Turbine doesn't have plans on a new kinship system for LOTRO?


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    Are there currently any plans to (ever) create content for northern Mirkwood, Gladden Fields, the area south of Bree and other unused spaces that aren't close to the path of the Fellowship?
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    Do you have any plans to set up another 'Design a horse' contest, or similar fun contest which allows players to show their creativity?

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    It seems like the last couple of years have had a decrease in difficulty and complexity throughout the game, especially with the threat changes. Is this something the developers are doing intentionally, or are there other factors involved?

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    Couple of gameplay related Qs:

    1. What is the expected timeframe for getting all of the classes balanced for PvE and PvP? A possible new class was hinted at in Kate Paiz's letter, so is it something you want completed before it's release?

    2. When will we get updated icons for new items like crafting mats? We're on 12.2 and still don't have new icons for new items.

    A question for curiosity's sake:

    3. How often do you get to sit down and enjoy playing the game you make? Would you like to be able to play it more or does working on it all the time make you not want to play?
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    Do you have any plans to make the BB talent tiers more accessible, especially for solo/duo players? I found that it was somewhat depressing to level up to a point where, say, Engineer is fun, and by that time, I had all I needed for gear. Also, at that point, I generally switched to an alt, & started the process again. I'd enjoy them a lot more if I had more tools up front, given that class abilities don't have much impact.

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    END GAME! are you going to make us a multi raid end game content ever again 6+ bosses as the big battles are not end game since a 30min raid where u get the same rewards from doing it solo does not class as end game

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    During this year without an expansion, do you plan on revamping vanilla zones that are still in desperate need such as Trollshaws and Misty Mountains?
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    Are there any plans to add new zones that are not on the 'main' storyline to Mordor? e.g. South Farthing, Gladden Fields, Tharbad, etc.

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    Any new Raids, Battles, Instances or scaled content planned for 2014?

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    Will more instances be made scalable in the forseeable future? Carn Dum and Rift may not be possible due to nostalgia, but what about ToO, Roots of Fangorn, Lothlorien and/or Moria instances?

    What about new scalable instances/skirmishes based on existing content? I'm more specifically thinking of "instances" like the Tomb of Elendil, Battle of Lorien, The Culling Pit in Dunland and/or Siege on Wulfs Cleft.

    Will there be changes to Virtues, LI relics and LI titles to comply with the bloated stats at lvl 86 and upwards?

    Will there be other choices for 'payout' from Gold and Platinum rewards (e.g. currency, medallions, seals) in BBs?

    Captain: In Beta RockX hinted that Captain LI legacies could use some changes, are there any plans for such changes?

    Are we going to see more Captain Hands of Healing (especially Might+tactical mastery) items in the near future?

    PvMP: Any plans to make Fellwrought and Orc-craft damage be mitigated by physical/tactical mitigation?
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    any plans to start making a traditional instance cluster this year? any chance this might come to fruition before 2015?

    cheers in advance.

    edit: ps. if there's no current plans please would you comment on if and when this may be reviewed and why this has not been considered as part of your 2014 plans.
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    I have had the same jewellery platinum reward from BBs 4 times in a row now. I don't mind an element of RNG but it is highly frustrating to have to delete 3 platinum reward in a row making all my efforts effectively for nothing. Are you happy with the system or do you wish to change it to prevent such frustration? Could we at least barter unwanted rewards for something useful?

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    Mailing More Than 1 Item

    Will the in game mail program ever be updated to mail more than 1 item at a time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhoris_they_spider View Post

    I have had the same jewellery platinum reward from BBs 4 times in a row now. I don't mind an element of RNG but it is highly frustrating to have to delete 3 platinum reward in a row making all my efforts effectively for nothing. Are you happy with the system or do you wish to change it to prevent such frustration? Could we at least barter unwanted rewards for something useful?
    you can, but you need seals. RNG for solo players, seals grind and choice for raiders being the current implementation.
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    I may end up echoing some previously asked questions, but better to ask them just in case

    Upcoming updates

    When is update 13 and what can we expect to see in it?

    Which areas are slated for revamps in 2014?

    Sapience mentioned that there would be no raids/instances in 'the near future'. Does this mean that we won't be seeing new raids before the next expansion?

    With no instances/raids planed in the near future, are there plans for new end game which does not take the form of a soloable region?

    The Ettenmoors

    Is the Ettenmoors scheduled for an extensive revamp/rebalancing in the near future (within the next two content updates)?

    'Class items' in the Ettenmoors, such as the captain's shield or banner do not exist at level 95. Are there plans to introduce these with the second agers in update 13?

    All Ettenmoors cloaks currently give fate and little else. Was this intentional, and if so, what merited this change in thinking?

    Will it ever be possible to have a creep mail-service?

    (Bit of a cheeky question incoming) Is the 'surprise' mentioned in the producer's letter a new creep class?


    Gondor is a massive place. Is the intention to see the outlying areas of it, such as Morthond, Pelargir or Cair Andros, or simply to head for Minas Tirith/Osgiliath?

    The producer's letter mentioned 'meaningful' changes in housing. Does this mean a significant change to the way it functions, or simply increasing the number of 'hooks'?

    When inspecting someone, you can no longer see their traits. Will this be rectified in the future?
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    In your Ost Dunhoth dev diary you said that you used the difficulty curve of the game Demon Souls to design content that punishes mistakes. Do you want to revisit such a philosophy and give players challenging group content that will take many weeks/months to master?

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    It has been hinted that content developers are still open to the idea of instances/raids in future expansions. Can you share some ideas you have as a content development team about where you would like to create a new instance/raid cluster so players who like to raid have something to possibly look forward to?

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    Any concrete plans to improve the Instance Finder to encourage people to use it for finding PUG groups in more flexible ways?

    Also (but not unrelated): What happened to the plans to establish 'official' global /glff channels?

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    Exclamation What's in a Revamp?

    I know this is a very broad question, but could you be more specific with your current (*cough*non-secret*cough*) plans for the revamp?

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    Are there any plans to develop new classes? For example: Gauntlord/wights or dragon.

    Will there be a new race (giants, valar, or something else to be unlocked by TP or something like that)?

    Are there going to be some new instances acceseble to all (also F2P) players?

    Is Turbine going to change the mail system so it will be possible to sent more items at the time?

    Will it be possible to somehow exchange stuff from your creep player to your freep?

    Is it somehow possible to get another (VIP) payment method something like Ideal? For it's hard in Europe to get VIP, because the creditcard is less accepted as in the USA.


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