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Thread: update 12.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrifkori View Post

    Bleibt zu hoffen, aber bisher Konkretes kam von Jinjaah leider noch nicht

    Schau mal :

    Quote Originally Posted by Jinjaah View Post
    None of the fixes we discussed in previous threads were slated for 12.2. We are planning a large number of changes mainly focused on the blue and red lines for update 13. I will post those changes once the decisions become final and we can talk about them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jinjaah View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mrfigglesworth View Post
    Mr Champ Dev Sir

    I ask that when you consider changes to the champion please don't change the flavor of the ardour champ. It's such a beautiful combat flow and aside from the might and finesse traits that never ever ever get used, traits and bonuses are spot on and useful. Well, to be honest, one thing that has happened is bladestorm is now the red headed step child skill of ardour. I would suggest making bladestorm have a range of 8 meters or possibly hit as many targets as raging blades or both, since it costs more pips than raging blades but does less damage than blade wall, fury of storm, and raging blades. It needs something to make those 4 pips worth it. The only thing I can think of that makes it useful is the ardour moors bonus against wars packs to keep slows on them.

    There are many wonderful suggestions to redline so I feel the need to keep quiet and let the experts speak on this matter, but I know whenever I trait redline I feel like a clunky awkward teenage boy at his first middle school dance. It needs something to make it pop. I take that back, one thing I would love to see is the sprint trait giving a significant boost to sprint. I mean good grief, it's so far down red line it should really do something nice like cut sprint cd in half or maybe increase the speed by 5% per trait point or something. The base skill is good but seeing captains with a groupwide sprint with a 1 min 30 sec cd (or something like that) makes the champ 5 min cd sprint seem a bit archaic.

    Don't worry, the intention is to bring the red line up to the yellow and surpass it in some respects for single target effectiveness, not nerf yellow to red.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcatrazz View Post
    Ich könnte mich jetzt nicht daran erinnern bei uns in den Etten je nen gelben Waffi gesehen zu haben, wenn dann Blau oder Rot. Auf Anduin haben sich aber halt die meisten auch verzogen, da sieht man wenig was ein Waffenmeister wirklich ausrichten könnte, aber das ein oder andere gute Beispiel gibt es dann halt doch, aber dann eher rot geskillt.
    Bei uns auf Gwaihir ist das mit HK eine neue Mode geworden viele Waffis laufen auf gelb rum, gibt aber auch Ausnahmen

    Quote Originally Posted by Bedalin View Post
    Schau mal :
    Danke, ich kenne den "Recovery State" Thread aus dem englischen Forum, aber um bei meinem Punkt zu bleiben Konkretes steht noch nicht fest außer, dass etwas getan wird

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    also wegen dem stunnen des waffi´s sag ich mal das ich 2x hintereinander stunnen kann. ein vom drechsler angefertigtes horn und das horn von gondor. das gedrechselte horn hatt zwar 3 min abklingzeit,aber für den anfang ne gute sache.

    meine aussage was die hm bubble angeht sorry thrif hatte was falsch verstanden. du hast geschrieben die haupti bubble.hatte es verstanden das er ne hauptbubble hatt.


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