As stated in another thread, I have 11 alts that I'm working on, plus my 83 warden
for a total of 12. I'm leveling them via the yeoman vocation, then skirmish grinding
before going back to knock out old zones.

However, I'm considering dropping yeoman for a proper vocation for each of them,
so that I can craft armor, LIs, relics, etc for them.. if it's even worth it. So, having
said that, I have a few questions.

Is crafting even worth it pre-95 for solo chars? If not, is it worth it at 95?

What crafting guilds can make LI related stuff, and should I even bother with
getting the rep to make them? I don't raid, so no need for First Age stuff, though I
do like to have the best gear I can get my hands on.

Will I have to do skirmish raids, old instances, etc to get mats for crafting? I don't
mind soloing instances and skirmishes, if I'm able, though I'm not a fan of grouping.
The laptop really hates it.

Thanks in advance for the answers.