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    LotRO Character Log - Deed Tracking File

    Greetings Free-folk of Middle Earth,

    I am Maranwethiel of Landroval server, formerly Denebrian of Laurelin. I have been playing LotRO for just over 2 years and feel I have gained enough knowledge of the game to share some of it with the community. I love to deed grind with a passion, having ground over 300 deeds each on 8 different characters across 2 servers. I wanted to have a way a to keep track of what deeds each character could do; what they had already done, etc.

    I used Whiteberry's Completionist Tracker for a while. Her file was very good in getting me at least knowing somewhat what to do as far as deeds. Its one downfall, for me at least, was Open Office. Free is good, don't get me wrong, but the load times of files used in Open Office is ughhh, slow. Another issue I personally had was information overload. What I mean here, is most things listed did not have enough information for me to understand where something was, what to do, was it still in game, etc. This meant a lot of trips to lotrowiki, and asking others what or where something was.

    That brings me to today, this posting. I wanted something smaller, something more in line with the deed log itself. I wanted more details on deeds; if it was explorer, the coordinates, quests in instances to complete, what to do for challenges, etc. I also wanted something to keep track of the trait levels for each of my characters, how many Turbine points I had earned on my account, what character had and had not done an instance yet. I had enjoyed some of these features in Whiteberry's file, even the way she had laid it all out.

    In early October I began working on making a version similar, if only in appearance to Whiteberry's, yet with my own unique flavor. I wanted something that would run in Excel. Why? You may ask. Excel opens spreadsheets a whole lot quicker than Open Office, runs smoother, and I know how to work with it. My first version of a deed tracker was a sorry looking excuse of a file, I wont lie to ya, and rather large (8+ mb). Some time around mid-November I decided to look into some visual basic coding to handle some of the functions you still see in current versions of the file today. In fact, every single command button in the file runs in visual basic, when a button is clicked. This alone knocked the file size down a comfortable size of 2.5mb, which is small when you consider the amount of information in this workbook file. The file contains nearly 1400 deeds.

    So, you have made it through the wall of text, on the history of this file. You are likely wondering why I had to tell a story before getting to my point. My answer, I am female, its what we do. Seriously though, the point to this post is to let everyone know what is coming in the next version of this file. The next version, coming soon (maybe by this weekend), will fix the biggest hurdle I have had since day one with this file. Having to copy and paste data whenever I issued an update to the file.

    I also would like to welcome a kin-mate of mine to the team and all his help with the vba coding. Thank you Bracke, aka Karotte, here on the forums. In addition to his help on the vba coding, Bracke will also be handling the German translation of this file, and helping me with quality control issues. Yes, sometimes I get the fat finger, or type sometimes ahead of my thinking. Extra eyes help, a lot with looking over so many deeds. We are looking for an additional member of the team to handle the French side. This person will need to be fluent with Microsoft Excel, speak English as well, and deal with my craziness. This is not a paid job, we are doing this because we love the game and want to share knowledge with the community.

    More info about LotRO Deed Log HD can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/wintersongofarda/deeds. Feedback and suggestions are welcomed. Thank you for reading and if you use the file already, your support.
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