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    The Blade Dancer's Tale { A Champion's Guide}

    Elen Sila Lumen Omentielvo!

    The Ultimate Champion's Guide by Vanyalanthiriell , High Queen of the Noldor.

    The Thread shall be constantly updated,modified,Re-fashioned and perfected! It could take a full year to reach level 115. Uncertainty for now.

    It shall be the Greatest compilation of screenshots,videos and incredibly detailed guides related to the Champion class.


    Q: What is a Champion?
    A: A Champion is a "Warrior" type of the class of The Lord of the Rings Online a pure Melee damage typical hack-slash class which is very simple and easy to learn, but could be difficult to master later on. If you seek untold carnage and the ability to dance around the battle-field with incredible whirl-wind of blades, You have found the best class.

    Q: Is Champion the Greatest AoE {Area of Effect Class} class in game?
    A: Indeed , there are none who can match thee absolute domination and extermination of Champion's sheer power as well as the fastest killing of multiple targets providing the right { in early game } Weapon style,skill rotation, correct skill execution.

    Q: Is Champion a hybrid or pure Damage class?
    A: A champion is Damage class ,but can also be of use as a Primary or Off-Tank. His/her role is dish out the highest possible damage preferably in shortest possible amount of time.

    Q: Is Champion a best , most fun class?
    A: The best overall class does not exist in any game. It could be the most effective in certain segments. Regarding fun. Fun is a relative term. Ultimately it is your personal choice. One must try and declare the ultimate judgement.

    Thank you for reading Q&A {Part I}

    A note before we start , please keep in that mind that champions aren't mindless killing machines. If you combine absolutely mastery of the skill,wisdom,knowledge of your enemies strengths and weaknesses and Tactical superiority you shall be nigh invincible. The champions can dominate a field of battle. We are way more than brainless savage brutes. A finesse! And out-witting thy enemy combined with sheer power and incomparable ferocity!

    Never underestimate your opponent.
    The Battles are often win by will not sheer force, in mean notably by challenging yourself or doing slayer deeds. The desire and will to succeed. The "Inner fire" It is related to the mindset and the approach of certain individual. Players often quit lacking self-confidence,motivation and determination. You shall never be triumphant. It is a negative approach.
    Observe the environment, if you can bypass few mobs it can buy you a time and save energy. There is a difference between bravery and madness. Attempting the impossible shall lead only to your death.
    Luck often saves an elf/man if his /herCourage holds. Be ready to engage in risks, but you have to calculate your odds and overall chances of succession. Do not be greedy.

    A video of me dispatching Elites forces within Dol Dinen/North-Downs/Eriador/Middle-Earth/Arda

    The thread is aimed in particular for newer players and shall cover the following sections/points:

    ~ Outstanding Red and Yellow line showcase {Beresker+The Deadly Storm}
    ~ On how to Deal with an Single Target Threat.
    ~ Dealings with multiple enemies
    ~ The rapid swift execution of specific combatant
    ~ Advanced skill rotations and combat manoeuvres
    ~ The escape artist , How to react when things do not go as planned.
    ~ How to avoid group of dangerous monsters an reach particular quest goal
    ~ How to get most of the little,Using the maximum possible potential of the champion class.

    And so on , A Part I. Except dozens of more which shall be released {TBA}

    And so on..

    If you pay close to attention to your enemy and their ring icon it can be divided to;

    Blue dot(Normal)
    Signature {Mediocre}
    Elite {Advanced}
    Elite Master {Challenging}

    I assume you won't clash with Above Elite Master monster so for we shall stick to these four.

    A video. Almost everything I stated is covered up in the video which is 43 minutes long and you can witness Vanylanathirell alone against forces of Darkness. {Orcs,Goblins,Trolls and Wargs}




    You-Tube channel Playlist ~ VanyaQuenta Calaquende the Current High Elf Female Champion progression. You shall watch it here. There are 31 chapters so far. My plan is to include everything.

    NOTE 2! I do speak a lot on the voice and usually comment on anything I desire at particular moment. The Camera placement hides my and usually enemy health bar. It has least impact from your point of view. Not be able to see enemy or my health bar could make it more thrilling from your side and plus if I set in on bottom I wouldn't be able to see messages and so on. The only real way of expressing myself fully and honesty is through the Web-Cam .Besides that It would takes eons to write everything I wish to state. Impossibility, Playing and commenting on camera is the only way from me. If you cannot nor wish to see it. I cannot help thee Mellon. I am sure there are other guides out there as well!

    Vanya Sulie!

    The Future ~

    The Martial Artist{Tanking Guide}

    The Only Complete Full levelling High Elf Champion progression before the creation until the every end and beyond..

    Level 50+
    Level 75+
    Level 100+
    Level 115/115+

    Walk-though Guides
    Champion's Pictures /Modern/Vanilla
    My personal Character Champion Screenshots
    Cosmetics options
    Racial Skills/Passives Explanation
    Instances Run
    Legendary Items {The Construction,Usage,Tips, Correct Legacies for each specification}

    Never to be included ~


    Please note I am only Level 33 at the moment and I plan to record absolutely everything I play , It shall take a while..
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    Looking forward to seeing your updates on this as you level up :-) Have played a champ for quite awhile, but came back a year or so ago and still working on catching up on all I missed.

    Thanks for the interesting posts!

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    The Blade Dance's Tale Chapter II Q&A Part II/Levelling,Zones Progression Guide and Racial pick up.


    Q&A Update Part II {Part II F} February 3

    Q: What levelling course/guide do you recommend?

    A: Matters not if one is a complete newbie or returning veteran filled with enthusiasm. I highly suggest indeed to pursue the glory and sticking to the Epic Volume I within Eriador. Do not skip any of the Books. For instance , Let us consider you are level 14. A great time to Start Epic Book I and finish it as level 19, do Wait few more levels and start Epic Book II {Lone Lands} Conclude with Chapter 15 as level 28-30. Before culmination of the each book make sure you are approximately two or three levels below or perhaps above the current Chapter. To sum it up Progress with Vanilla in "spirit" "soul" {Fëa} of the Books while enjoying the Landscape quests. In J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, fëa and hröa are words for "soul" (or "spirit") and "body" My own metaphorical saying.

    The ZONES progression ~ Vanilla Eriador {Level 1 - 50 }

    Dwarves ~ Starting region Thorin's Gate- /Either continue through the Rest of the Ered Luin. Venture to Shire or Bree-Land. These lands range from Level 1 - 21{22} eventually. I do not Sarnur within Blue Mountains nor any instances which are located in particular zones.
    Race of Men ~ Champion Archet Dale. Your choice is to switch to aid Elves or Dwarves in Ered Luin or perhaps Halflings
    Elves ~ Elf/High Elf The Vice Versa, You may rotate between starter regions until you hit Let us say: Level 20 and travel to Lone Lands

    Level 1{5) 20 ~ The Shire,Ered Luin,Bree-Land Prologue/Intro Epic Book I,XIV

    Level 20-32 {28} ~ Lone Lands Epic Book II

    North Downs Level {22} 24-35 You might want to quest earlier in North Downs {Trestlebridge} and Fields of Fornost and return back to Lone-Lands. Your decision ultimately. Epic Book III,VIII ,Maybe XIV or XV {one or two chapters} Primarily Book III

    Evendim Level 28 - 40 {44} The Evendim Cannot be skipped nor missed. It must not. Alternative for Trollshaws or bypassing the monotony or {for you} the boring,tedious,un-intriguing tales of other distant lands. Evendim is a Early Mid - Late Mid game Region. The rotation of Evendim - Trollshaws {Your choice until desired level} Epic Books IV,XI,XII,X,IX

    Trollshaws Level 33 - 40 shall lead thee to Valley of Imladris. Epic Book IV/XI

    Misty Mountains Level 39 - 45 Epic Book V First Late Game region, desolate an remote.

    The Iron Home {Angmar} Level 40 - 54 Including Nan Gurth, Is/was the true end game region and the most inhospitable one. Epic Book XV,XIV,XII,XI,VI,VII,VIII

    Ice Bay of Forochel ~ Level 43 - 52 Epic Book XII/XIV The Cycle between Forchel or Angmar until the reach of the original level cap of 50 {Vanilla cap}

    Conclusion ~ Ered Luin - Shire - Bree-Land - Lone Lands- North Downs - Evendim ~ Trollshaws ~ Misty Mountains ~ Forochel ~ Angmar. Level 50

    Advanced/Role-Play/Slowed down levelling progression.

    Level Required 50.
    Item:Stone of Tortoise {Store Obtained} 50 LP.

    Disable XP at level 50 and complete entire Volume I,Racial deeds,Class quests/Deeds, most of the Landscape quests and Volume II Epilogue before embarking to Khazad Dum.

    RACES of the Free-peoples available for Champion Class.

    The Eldar, Elf/High Elf Male/Female
    The Dwarves , Male Dwarf only.
    Halflings {Excluded}
    Beorning/Beorning only.
    Race of Men Male/Female

    Man/Elf/High elf/Dwarf Ultimately.

    ~ The Physical appearance shall be your own personal picking. I for instance cannot stand Dwarves. They are too short and stocky as well. Men voices and looks aren't pleasing. I am speaking from my observation. From a lore perspective the Eldar were and shall always remain as the Number one option.

    Due to the following factors ~

    Racial Titles {Origins}
    Racial bonuses
    Facial Aesthetics
    Animations {Combat/Emote/Walking,Running}


    {Break} Smoking a pipe..

    The Stars Shall guide Thee!

    The Part III Shall cover detailed description of each of the Passive/Racial skills {All Races}
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    Q&A Part III ~

    The Advice,Words of Wisdom/Caution

    Q: Is social aspect requried?

    A: Before reading the rest , please be advised I am not encouraging you to start any process of De-Socialization, I shall explain thee the negative,disturbing and irritating factors of Gaming "Socalization" in general. To fully immerse yourself within the "secondary world" of Arda. The Secondary world or shall say the imaginary virtual world of the Lord the Rings Online shouldn't be any burden to you.

    You are here to enjoy,relax. You are the creator. Do not feel you owe anything to anyone as long as you are respecting Code of Conduct , All the rest is almost entirely irrelevant. For instance, do not feel obliged or feel a necessity to reply to a random player or be force to join a Kinship/group.

    Do not become a pawn of the World chat and immensely destructive Religon&Politics debates. They cannot end well. They never do. It is not required to join a kinship. I am /was doing perfectly without them. Kinships are a mere distraction and a lot of unnecessary Drama is on-going which is a bitter truth. Majority of Kinships are filled with people who are either arguing,speaking about subjects unrelated to The Lord of the Rings Online which adds to annoying spam and do not believe every kinship advert is true. Far from it. The Good ever-helpful,mature relaxing myth. It often leaves new players very unsatisfied and frustrated.

    Having friends ,raiding,grouping "socializing" can make MMO experience richer and deeper, but its far from crucial and essential.

    I'll give thee an example of myself ~ For me ~ Social aspect ~ Real life
    Video games, matters not of genre ~ Purely gaming and my own immersion. Perfection. I could play Lord of the Rings without any problems even if I am in entirety alone with other pixel NPC's. There was a time I haven't broke a single word with anyone. The core is not socializing with others, A very common mistake people shall tell thee. You aren't here for others , The primary motive is to play,learn,read the lore,enjoy visuals,soundtrack and so on, To play a game, not to log in for someone else.

    Nobody shall stop thee from embracing magical world of Arda solo. I honestly enjoy ultimately when at peace ,Solo. I preform flawlessly. Perfection when I do what I love without pressure ,buzzing annoyance or "dealing with issues /abuse"of other human beings. The Social interaction very often is a mere annoying distraction.

    I haven't logged in to something which I truly love to be a part of some greater "social aspect" The Social aspect these days, you'll notice the more you play. The more you engage and "dive in" the realisation shall be dissimilar.

    Be wary of the Gold Sellers /Scamers/Sellers. Do not fall in deadly trap which can lead to permanent ban or a hack.

    Q: What are the common mistakes new players usually perform?

    A: The Common mistakes of the new players are:

    ~ The lack of common sense {In certain ways}
    ~ Engaging in interaction with Scamers/Gold sellers ,even when the picture is very clear
    ~ Arguing in public chat, Use of F words/Not reading the Code of Conduct in general, Politcs,religion,Real life problems,The lack of self-control,immature behaviour, and so on..
    ~ Creating a complaint /hateful/abusive threads on forums which soon leads to thread lock or attempting to do impossible A complete waste of energy and time
    ~ Fear of rejection and opinion of others,What class MUST i pick,what Kinship I shall join,will they kick me or invite to the group? Fear nothing.
    ~ What is the most fun or A,B,C, Pick the class and race you love. Do not ask the acceptance nor opinion. Ultimately there cannot be the real answer to your question.
    ~ Not going anon/Not Ignoring nor Reporting,Futher adding the fire in the public chat which leads to more drama/chaos or eventual ban. The Anon process is wise and certain people cannot easily track your location,but it is far from perfect.
    ~ As a complete newbie not only to LOTRO ,but in MMO in general the learning process is required of very basices how to interact with others,knowing the core and essence of Multiplayer gaming. It can be incredibly confusing and bewildering if you never participated to MMO game,but its never that simple. Asking in public chat can lead to some unpleasant replies. I suggest reading the guide or forums before starting your character.
    ~ Abandoning the Epic Volume I Books
    ~ Focusing purely on rapid progression ,slaying foes and hitting end game. Ignoring Story,lore,beautiful landscape or soundtrack which is far more immerise and extraordinary.
    ~ Wasting energy and time in ongoing drama/abuse with trolls even gold sellers
    ~ Selling everything you acquire in your tales and falling a victim to Auction overpricing items.
    ~ Giving away Username and Password/Being Maniuplated by a player who is attempting to impressionate a Gamemaster. They have + always before the name.

    Remain Confident,Strong,Positive and Eternally determined/fervourd/passionate ~

    The Fire burns ~

    Resist the Evil, Resist the Negativity and abuse of others. The arrows could not harm her. She resisted the onslaught. Spirit of Fire.

    I sincerely hope it shall help thee.

    The Blade Dancer's Tale Part III, February 3 by Vanyalanthiriell,High Queen of the Noldor ~

    Passive Skills:

    High Elves:

    Fading of the Firstborn: -7 Fate ~ Virtually useless. Negligible. Having +7 or -7 to stats when 8,000+ is a standard is insignificant. Ignore it.

    Peace of the Eldar-icon.png Peace of the Eldar: +20 Maximum Morale, +60 non-Combat Morale Regen +20 Maximum morale can mean a difference between life and death first 10-15 levels.Classes can hit up to {If not more} than 130,000 morale.

    Sorrow of the Undying-icon.png Sorrow of the Undying: -7 Will {Read the Fading of the Firstborn}

    Suffer no Illness-icon.png Suffer no Illness: +1% Disease and Poison Resistance Very absurd, useful nevertheless but to a minimum extent. Elves do not suffer illness having 1% resistance? From a lore point of view. Absolute nonsense.

    Do not pay attention to Passive skills, they do have an intriguing description and ideas, but they weren't implemented well later on. The effect was more notable in the Elder days.


    Agility of the Woods-icon.png Agility of the Woods: +15 Agility. It was decent when +500 cap was the maximum. Permanent +15 stats was fine a decade ago.

    Fading of the Firstborn-icon.png Fading of the Firstborn: -7 Fate. Fading indeed,but -7 fate are sparks in the vast ocean of Belegaer.

    Sorrow of the Firstborn-icon.png Sorrow of the Firstborn: -20 Max Morale, -60 Non-Combat Morale Regeneration.
    Matters not, Might first few levels. "Might"

    Suffer no Illness-icon.png Suffer no Illness: +1% to Disease Resistance and Poison Resistance.
    {Same as High Elves}


    Hobbit Courage: +1% Fear Resistance Great bonus before the changes in resistance ratings/Mitigation Having Wound/Fear/Shadow Defence was always desirable. Was..

    Hobbit-toughness-icon.png Hobbit-toughness: +15 Vitality. That would be if Guardian F Example 75 morale. Very useful very early in game. You can survive in theory a few extra hits.

    Rapid Recovery-icon.png Rapid Recovery: +60 Non-Combat Morale Regeneration. Good if you kite level 5 Spider and you are indeed level 5 as well.

    Resist Corruption-icon.png Resist Corruption: +1% Shadow Mitigation. Was excellent bonus in the Vanilla when Shadow type damage was the most lethal and the most prevalent , particularly within Angmar.

    Small Size-icon.png Small Size: -7 Might. Irrelevant

    Please keep in mind there are no Hobbit Champions at all.

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