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    Thumbs up F2P based kinship - creating in progress

    First thing:

    -- If you are not interested in it DO NOT write anything here PLEASE. --

    Now let me explain the idea:


    Turbine Points:

    Yea, we all know that 1 month subscription provides many benefits, cuts the half of TP requirements straight away... But what if someone just can't pay for it ? We all have our reasons... and I wont ask anyone to explain them. The Lord of the Rings Online is playable as f2p, it just requires longtime devotion to the game or having no life at all combined with endless grinding. Longtime devotion is my choice and combined with few other kinsmen of same choice it can be faster than making all TP farming progress alone.

    Lore, quest packs & expansion packs:

    Guys that are using f2p model simply can't cope with many others in terms of lore and RP. It takes much effort to get even to Mines of Moria, and VIP guys can just jump there in no time since it's free for them.
    Kinship with players of same limitations is much better for RPing in my opinion. Yes, I know that sooner or later someone will buy some expansion (with in game earned TPs) and advance in game while others are still farming for it, but still it's way more acceptable than being in kinship with players that are 95lv and you are farming points for currency cap at lv30


    Same problems, same solutions:
    Lets unite in that common goal, share ideas, boost each other in slayer deeds. There is plenty of stuff available in f2p model to make a break from TP farm and even that damn grind is easier and less boring once you have friends that share common goal.

    Getting people:

    I've heard from some folk in game that kinship for f2p players just wont work, wont last long, wont be this-wont be that etc etc...
    Somehow I have different opinion. I'm not trying to make kinship for guys whose goal will be to rush to endgame content and level cap. I'm trying to reach those guys/girls whose goal is slow progress and enjoying in small details of game.


    My current status in game is:

    Level - 26
    Class - Guardian
    Race - Man
    Expert Metalsmith
    Owner of standard house in Salcrest, 3 Fountain Street.

    Store Purchases:
    Currency cap (316TP out of 390 with 20% disc.)
    Riding (76TP out of 90 with 20% disc.)
    Sturdy Steel Key (0TP out of 100 with coupon code "lock6")

    As you can see I made very nice savings on TP count and I'm farming now for next sale and I hope there will be some "must have" stuff on discount.

    Since I removed currency cap I'll be able to afford kin-house soon.
    My idea is to keep kin-chat OOC but ingame encounters should be IC only. However, it's just my idea and it totaly depends on what those who join the kinship in it's first days, want. Name of the kinship also can be my idea (I have few already) or we can just decide together.

    So far I've met one hunter that's looking forward to f2p based kinship. I have to admit that I haven't yet put enough effort in looking for members mostly because I was busy trying to get currency cap down before discount is over (almost 80TP saved, decent number indeed).

    Once more... I BEG you to not post here if you are not interested in it.
    If you like the idea contact me here or in game.( character name: Elvedion)

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    Elvedion - Guardian // Laurelin ( RP )

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    i sir shalt joineth



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