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    Weaver damage in PvmP


    Dear devs,

    Please explain why Weaver damage is now LOWER on freeps then at level 85.

    One can easily test this, just by playing a weaver, but just to illustrate my point:


    My dots now tick for a silly 140 isch if they're not fully resisted.

    I understand you don't want to create an imbalance, but honestly, a skilled player should be able to have a good fight vs a non skilled player.

    At the moment, one can be skilled as hell, a weaver can only kill a hunter.

    Thanks for the feedback,

    Nurgil of Withywindle

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    The same applies to warleaders and defilers. All the classes that did not get the new damage types do even less damage than they did on 85, because of the massive vitality boost that freeps have received and the mitigation boost that came with it.
    This needs to be fixed.

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    Tbh, a simple aknowledgement from the devs would be a great step.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see some creeps do no damage vs freeps.

    I don't want to steamwall freeps, but atleast a feeling of 'i don't have to hide when i see one' would greatly increase my playing experience

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    I'm afraid every Monsterclass is disadvantageous in terms of the damage, at least in low-level. It's okay, that monsters have to level their char to get better, but please not in this extreme form.
    For a free, it makes only a small difference, they have their damage from the beginning, regardless of the ranking.
    Next thing: Healing! Healing from the Warleader, okay...good in group or solo. But, the Orc-defiler...please change the Sabo to anything that can be somewhat. Group healing is ridiculous, damage too and the healing hots not even sufficient to heal most of the bleeding. The big Healing is continually interrupted, so in most cases useless. (experience orc-defiler rank 8)

    So please, please take care of the MP's, not only of the freeps. MP's are strong and tough, they won't be cry all day long but we need some changes to remain steadfast and not get frustrated logout.

    just my two sentences

    (P.S. Sorry for my bad english, just a german player with the little help from google translator -,-)
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