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    Response time for Tickets

    So I had an issue and put in a Ticket (for an issue brought up due to transfer). After a while I logged off. The next day there was a response to my ticket saying I had to be online to be helped....the message was sent over 5 hours after I had submitted the request for in game help (Ticket). I don't know how often I have 5 hours straight to play, but is is not often. Tickets need to be addressed in a reasonable amount of time...maybe the Devs need to have a triage person read through them as they come in and que the ones where the people have to be on line to a priority line. I resubmitted the ticket today and have been waiting for over an hour and 25 minutes with no help. When I log off without being helped (again) I will just have to resubmit and hope I get helped before I need to log. Needless to say it is frustrating

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    GMs are not available in game until 10am eastern. With the holiday I am sure they are understaffed.

    Ticket times he been ridiculous now for ages

    Your best bet with a transfer issue to call customer spport after 2pm eastern time on Monday. Phone support is amazing and usuakky you will have the issue resolved in muntes

    Sorry its taking so long for you to get an answer. I recently had a ticket go 28 hours before a reply so I feel your pain

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    I submitted one just the other day and it was taken care of within like 10 minutes.



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