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Thread: Scholar Mats

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    Scholar Mats

    Did I dream it or did they combine/streamline the lower tier scholar mats to be more in line with the versatile upper tier mats you just make into whatever you need? Do I just trash the old scholar mats? Is their a barter option?

    Did I just dream this?

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    There are rumors that U13 will streamline Tier 1-6 Scholar components like what happened the Ore/Planks/Leathers.
    However, I've just checked and that has not gone live yet.

    As for your old components, I'd say to keep them. There may be a conversion recipe(s) to turn your (possibly) obsolete components into useable ones.

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    There WILL be conversion recipes for obsolete items.
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    "And there was much rejoice."

    I had managed to miss that fact, but there it is:
    Update 13 Preliminary Release Notes – BULLROARER ONLY

    I have been sooooo annoyed with the imbalance between the amount of each mat that drops, and the amount of each that I need. Every tier 1-5 has had me ending up with tons and tons of superfluous materials when one of the mats used in practically everything runs out. T6 hasn't quite done that since I'm drowning in mats in general there, but there are still a noticeably higher need for Rune-carved Tablets, while they drop equal if not less than the other t6 mats.

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    Im not sure i understand what good is happening with scholar mats and research recipes.

    We got all the same stuff, its just that we now can turn some into other, and some had changed tiers... Inventory is as bad as it was before.

    And the other recipes still need same stuff as before, a mix of various things...

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    The way I understood it is that only one type for each tier will drop beginning today.

    Looking at t7 to 9 there are essentially 6 different materials for each tier - for t7 it looks like this:
    • Dropped "crit item base" - Page of Gondorian Parchment
    • Extracted crit item - Inspired Note
    • Dropped basic material - Scrap of Weathered Dunlending Text
    • Researched step 1 - Scroll of Insight
    • Researched step 2 - Book of Knowledge
    • Researched step 3 - Tome of Wisdom

    The difference is that you only get two of those in drops and make the rest from those; you're not relying on getting sufficient amount of one specific material while getting a surplus of others.



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