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But have no doubts that pricing speaks more than 'that's what they decided', even to people outside of the system that takes the decision. In the case of this game, it started with HD (or perhaps Wildermore) and the 'message' is going on since then, new classes or not. I don't want to provoke a specific response now or anything, suffice to say the 'golden middle' is quite not found at this point, one aspect of the game or another. Time will show how this will end.
More often than not a 'message' is something that happens on the receiving end, not on the transmitting end. People read into things based on where their own head is at. It's human nature. If someone disdains Bill and thinks he's an idiot, then everything he says will sound absurd and annoying. If someone thinks Bill is a shrewd, manipulative bully, those same things that seemed dumb to one person will come across as nefarious or threatening to another. If someone is in love with Bill and thinks he's the coolest guy on the planet, they're going to see everything he says as totally awesome and clever and witty.

How a person interprets something says a heck of a lot more about where their head is at, than it could ever say about anyone or anything else. Someone who is excited about the game is going to interpret a price very differently than someone who feels they have a bone to pick. That's just the subjective nature of most of life.

I would argue that, for this reason alone, the 'golden middle' is a complete myth.