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    Skillbar quickslot changes on traitset change

    Well, that is so much better. Might take a little work to get things set up the way I want, but I'm happy I will be able to have my DPS and heal skills where I want them for each build. I haven't been able to get the system to get it wrong and put things in the wrong slots so far.

    The only odd thing I've seen so far is that, on traitset change, the skillbar seems to start the current live process of removing and adding individual skills before snapping to the correct skillbar set. Looks a little odd, but doesn't seem to affect functionality.

    If I could make a suggestion for future development, it would be to add keybindings for changing trait sets by selecting the previous and next available traitset numbers. Something like the '[' & ']' keys, for example.
    It would also be nice to use Shift or Ctrl plus those keys to do the same for Big Battle tree sets, MC trait sets or whatever else,without having to go into menus or setup panels.

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    this is good to hear annoying on my champ to swap between single target and then AOE then the skills are all over the place

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    Skillbar still not work...

    skills disappear when using the different types of bars when changing the traits..,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerebrum_EU View Post
    skills disappear when using the different types of bars when changing the traits..,
    Ransroth has done a good job of clarifying this point for me in another thread.

    They key is you don't want to use different types of bars when changing the traits. It's all saved on the sword quickslots.

    So let's say you have saved trait configurations A (Stabby) and B (Smashy).

    (1) Bring up your sword quickslots (if not already up) and put yourself in your saved "Stabby" trait configuration.
    (2) Put all your skills where you want them to be for this trait set. (Only necessary the first time.)
    (3) Now, still on the sword quickslots, put yourself into the "Smashy" trait configuration.
    (4) Put all your skills where you want them to be for this trait set. (Again: still on the sword slots.)
    (5) Now, switch back to your Stabby traits. Your sword slots will re-arrange themselves to what you set up for Stabby. Switch to your Smashy trait, and your sword slots re-arrange themselves to what you saved for Smashy. You stay on swords the whole time.

    You can use the other slots (horse, shield) for anything you like -- but they will not change or re-arrange themselves when you change traits sets, the way the sword slots do. Horse is good for mounted combat skills (and, in keeping with the "riding" theme, maybe travel skills? Different mounts? Your call.) The shield slots could hold other skills you want to have handy (emotes? Gear swapping? Food and buffs? Lots of possibilities).

    What's nice about this system is that your other quickslot sets are freed up -- they're not tied to a specific trait configuration. All trait configuration changes happen on the Sword slot set, so all other slot sets are entirely free for your preferred use.
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    Ok, thank you for your post. it works when you are using the "sword-skills" only
    : - )

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    I followed Robeauch directions to the letter and my quickslots still get switched around when I change trait sets. :/ Think I broke LOTRO



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