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    Returning Newbie - Best Class?


    I'm just returning after a longish absence, which itself was preceded by another longish absence, so in a sense this is a new game for me. Last time around, I started over with an Elf Hunter and a Hobbit Warden, then the friend I charged about with had to quit, and I've been absent again since then. Still have those characters, but so much has changed that I'll be learning them afresh. I'm looking for some advice on what I ought to play.

    I expect to play solo, almost if not all the time. I know all the classes are capable of soloing, but I don't want to miss out on a lot of content because whatever I'm playing just can't hack it alone. Also, I want something that I'll enjoy playing, not only from the standpoint of game mechanics and survivability, but for something that's fun for just wandering around, poking my nose in where it doesn't belong, seeing the sights, doing the odd heroic deed, then retiring to the pub for a drink and a bite to eat.

    I used to enjoy my Elf Hunter, but I think it was in Angmar that I hit a wall with him, and it became very difficult to progress due to getting stomped all the time. Also, Elves are inherently melancholy, and I have enough ennui in RL, thanks very much. Worst of all, I just logged on, and he STILL stands as if he has a bent stick stuck up him. So I think it's hobbits for me.

    Last I checked (which was quite a while ago), Wardens were supposed to be the best solo class, which is partly why I made one. But I still have some trouble getting into the spirit of the thing. A hobbit who lugs around giant spears and a shield, stabs orcs like a seasoned warrior, and lets out constant war-cries? It feels... unhobbitish. Also, I note that they've changed the class description to say it was inspired by Haldir and friends in Lorien, not Fastred of Westmarch. Finally, I'm just not sure about these gambits. I'm not all that great about remembering dozens of combo moves. Now, I do like being able to run about at high hobbit-speeds, and the swift-travel skills, and I'm open to being convinced about the rest, so I haven't ruled out Wardens -- I just need some advice on that score.

    Minstrels seem appealing, but I'm not sure about how the gameplay *feels*, and that's very important to me. I've played a Minstrel to level 18, and it seemed to be mostly going *strum* on a lute and then shouting. Does it wind up feeling more minstrel-y as the game progresses? Do you ever, for instance, sing? Or play more than a quick couple of chords at the enemy? Also, is it all kiting, or when they get to you, do you stand toe-to-toe like any other melee class?

    Anyway, I've probably rambled enough. In the end, I'm just looking for a fun and hobbitish way to see Middle Earth. I would be most grateful for any advice.

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    If you're convinced that you only want to play a Hobbit, then why not give the most Hobbit-like class of all a try -- the burglar? They have great survivability and are known for poking their noses where they don't belong. They might have trouble with only a "bite to eat" though.

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    I often hear that... but is burglary really the true calling of a hobbit? Bilbo was called a Burglar, yes, but the only burglarish things he did were stealing that cup from Smaug and pilfering food from King Thranduil. Nary a backstab to be found in either book, nor paired daggers, stealth attacks, or anything else of that nature. I've never played a Burglar, so I can't comment on how much fun it is to play, but I need something more than "hobbit = burglar."

    Apart from being sneaky, what makes burglars ideal for hobbits?

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    I guess that if we pay close attention to what happened in the books/lore/stories, hobbits aren't 100% suitable for anything because after all, they preferred to stay in the Shire and live out their peaceful, merry lives but more on topic I think the burglar is a fun class and doing pretty alright, from what i hear.

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    How does one find out how a particular class will work out in the long term? I've looked into the class forums, but everything I find there is either woefully outdated or oriented toward people who already know everything about the class. I don't have the energy to go through the same opening quests and areas time after time after time, which is why I'm looking for advice here.

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    Trust me; there is absolutely nothing left that any class can't handle solo while questing. Your question might have required some research some time ago, but not anymore. I'm not exaggerating. I'm not saying every class can solo raids. But landscape? You're good no matter what you choose.
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    PoeticNightmare is right. I have one of every class, although they are all over the place when it comes to level, and there is no class that doesn't solo well. Tanks and healers are, imo, more fun if you can use your skills to heal or protect others though, but it's your call.

    If you want to play a Hobbit, these are your choices: Burglar, Guardian, Hunter, Minstrel, or Warden. You seem to be concerned about burglars and wardens not being Hobbity enough. Here are some quotes from "Concerning Hobbits":

    "nimble and deft in their movements"
    "the art of disappearing swiftly and silently"
    "difficult to daunt or to kill"
    "curiously tough"
    "could survive rough handling by grief, foe, or weather"
    "skillful with tools"
    "doughty at bay and at need could still handle arms"
    "shot well with the bow" (Hobbit archers killed Wormtongue, and Hobbits sent archers to the battle of Fornost.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Firithlas View Post
    How does one find out how a particular class will work out in the long term?
    I'm not sure what you mean by this, but the best way to find out how a class works is to make a choice and get in there and start playing. I know what you want is to make an informed choice, and if you really want a lot of particulars, the best way to get that is to pick the two or three classes that look the most interesting to you, go to their forums, and ask. But really, no one can decide what's the most fun for you. Only you can do that. There's also no reason why you can't make more than one character and play them all until you decide which one fits you best. Yes, if they're all Hobbits, then you'll have to play through the same quests a few times, but it won't be that bad or take forever. Sometimes I do a quest and can't wait to get on another character and do it all over again.



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