1 - Ost Dunroth Poison Wing - with 2 minis you can out heal the damage of the poison on boss, so dont need swap plataform to complete the challenge. The damage of poison need force you to do that other way have no chalenge. Before was hard for many classes to reach cap mitigations, now that we all have that is easy to keep everyone alive there. No challenge anymore.

2 - Barad Guldur - The Liutennant - part of the challenge is the corruption of the boss, you need choose between: less power, less speed or less heals. The easy way is keep the corruption that give power debuff. The boss is imune to the old skill to steal power, but not to the new one. So you can keep that corruption and have power since you have a lm. No need to steal power from the wight anymore. No challenge.

3 - Helegrod/Skirmish raids - I remember when in the 75 we all got concentrade when a litennant grim come, because he could one shoot the entire raid. I remember when I needed 2 healers on me all time to get the hatchlings from the eggs in Helegrod drake because of the amount of damage. I remember when the wargs of warg pens could one shoot me traited/geared dps on my warden. That was way too much, agreed. But since you changed that, all those runs became a faceroll. Game really need a half way between that. Is is not possible, keep it in hard mode, not like this. I did helegrod drake last week and the fire that the worms put on the ground do 69 damage each 3 sec, so no need to move anymore.

4 - I liked the idea of some quests to be Challenge, but sounds like you guys have no idea what is challenge. Lots of morale and no special abilities means nothing. I like the idea of Monsters or Madness quest, but again, thousands of morale, no special abilities, no challenge. I soloed the tiger and worm on rk, probably can solo the turtle. That was an oportunity to have in the landscape some really nice monsters that would require strategy to kill (like the weapons in FF7), but you just made they be a bored fight. Wanna see a challenge? Give to that turtle the ability of the troll of Ivar wing, while he have the corruption he recouver 5% of morale for each hit, so you need stop dps sometimes, if remove the corruption, spread disease to everyone around with a strong debuff. Give her a really strong atack that need to be interrupted and she use an aoe stun and right after that start the induction, so need use the skill to break stun or have a LM. Make it do really nice damage so you need a LM/burg to debuff and a tank with healer to hold it. Give her the ability to each atack reduce armor of the tank, so tanks need swap position to be alive. So, when crossing by that place you would say: "that turtle is ####ing dangerous" and not "that stupid turtle, let's zerg it".

5 - The twins in Barad Guldur - you used to need 2 tanks to hold the man there, because the yellow eye reset the threat and that was a problem before, but now that the skills to force taunt also give us threat leadership there is no challenge anymore. Just use the skill again and we have aggro again. Similar problem happens with the red eye in The Lost Temple.

6 - When I'm in raid doing Durchest t2c, I used to call names to pot fear, now I say no worries it does nothing. you need to scale all things, not just damage and morale.

7 - Make the side quests hard and allow us to tank (not only force) mobs in the big-battles.

8 - Create some optional quests with really nice challenge and good rewards, like LI scrolls, Relics T9... Allow us to run it 1 time per week, make we use mithril coins to reset it. Why a not quest to go into a cave and kill 3 big trolls that have a lot of abilities like the bosses of Thief and Mischief? So you need an strategy to kill. Allow us to choose solo or fellow (solo have best rewards and a title) like the old epic instances. We know the game cannot be hard aways, that there are persons that dont like it, but there are persons that like it.

9 - So I'm running with my war-steed with my rk and I need dismount to do more damage?

10 - I'm stil playing lotro, but I started to look for another games. Make me love lotro again.