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Thread: Mailer

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    Not even sure if it's possible, but here goes.

    A window that allows you to drag and drop up to 10 items to mail to the same character. This saves you doing the same things over and over to mail a single item at a time.

    I often send crafting items and some gear drops to other characters on my account. This gets tedious when you've been out for a while and amassed a fair number of items to send.

    Basicly, drag up to 10 items onto the frame and then select the character you want to send them to. The frame automates the process:
    New mail button.
    Character name entry.
    Drag item to the slot, leaving the auto item name in the subject line.

    It will do this for each of the items up to 10 items or until the send list is empty.

    At times like this, I really miss WOW's mail system that allows you to send multiple items in a single mail.

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    Unfortunately, the mail system is not exposed to Lua so this is not possible at this time. We have asked the devs for access to the mail system so that we can not only handle mailing multiple items, but also things like mail logs. Given that this latest expansion is the first expansion to have no new Lua functionality since Lua was added and not even any Lua bug fixes, I'm not holding my breath for any expanded API functionality.

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    That was one of the nicest part of the RIFT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tryst49 View Post
    mail system that allows you to send multiple items in a single mail.
    Well, to quote a part of 'A Letter from Executive Producer Aaron Campbell' about update 13 which will be coming up sometime soon:

    In addition, mail will now support multiple attachments. VIPs will be able to open mail in the wilderness through your mail alert. Inventory is getting entirely new management options. And we have a new prototype of Hobnangians that we expect to release later this year.

    So: yay



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