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    [Plugin] MoorMap


    Ever wish you could annotate your own copy of the parchment maps?

    Want to keep track of where that rare mob spawns? Or where the best places to mine ore are?

    Want to know quickly where Soldier Pashum is located?

    Ever wish you could just click on the map to activate your creep's map instead of trying to find the map in your inventory or remember the right hot key you assigned, especially after taking a break for a month or two?

    Ever wish there was a way to let new players know what the abbreviations we use all mean?

    Welcome to MoorMap, the map with More. Originally, only the Ettenmoors were included, but I have expanded to all of the parchment maps so that players can mark any location they want to be able to find again. All of the parchment maps and many interior/instanced areas are available as well as a couple of city maps that Turbine has not yet added.

    There is a filterable list of annotations, just enter a few characters in the name of the location or NPC you are looking for, then click on the entry in the list and a "ping" will show up on the map telling you where it is or right click on the entry to see the annotation detail. Hover over any icon on the map to see a brief summary of the annotation or left click the icon to see the detailed entry. You can right click on the map and add your own annotations. The entire map can be moved and resized. You can also change the language, colors, opacity and other customization setttings in the Options Panel (click the gears button on the top left of the map).

    Just download the Zip file and unzip it to your Plugins folder. There are no dependancies on any outside files.

    To load the map, use "/plugins load moormap".
    NOTE: If using a plugin manager to load "MoorMap", do NOT load "MoorMapDefaults", "MoorMapLoader" or "MoorMapTerminator". They are launched by the plugin itself as needed and loading them automatically will cause undesirable things to happen.

    When first loaded, the map is minimized by default. There will be two icons in the extreme lower left of your screen which can be dragged to any location you want (you must hold the Ctrl key while dragging to move the icons). The left icon is the Minimized Icon and is used to display the map. The right icon is the Quick Annotation control and is used to add an annotation for your current target at your current location. You can hide either or both of these icons in the Options Panel . To open the map initially, click the Minimized Icon.

    There are three chat commands for controlling the display of the map,
    "/moormap show" will display the map
    "/moormap hide" will minimize the map and show the icon if the icon hasn't been disabled in options
    "/moormap toggle" will toggle the display of the map
    There is a fourth chat command which you can bind to a quickslot in lieu of using the Quick Annotation control (if you prefer having it bound to a key stroke). This command is locale specific, please assign the command for your client:
    /MoorMap add ;loc:5::;target
    /MoorMap add ;loc:5:FR:;cible
    /MoorMap add ;pos:5:DE:;ziel
    (I used code tags to prevent accidental text conversion to smilies)
    To add a custom annotation, just right click on the map, fill in the information and click "Save". You can also use the Quick Annotation icon, just target a resource node or item while standing next to it and click the Quick Annotation icon (looks like a flag) and an annotation will automatically be added to each map that contains your current coordinates.

    There are two search functions, local and global. They are both case insensitive and accent insensitive meaning that you can type search text without capitalization or accents and it will still match.

    To find a location or NPC on the current map, click the silver magnifying glass button. A filter field and list will appear on the right size. If the filter field is blank, all annotations are listed alphabetically, grouped as "Locations", "Map Destinations", and "NPCs". If you type in the filter field, only those items with the filter string in their name will be displayed in the list. Clicking on an entry in the list will hide the list and cause an animated "ping" to appear on the map at the location of the selected entry. You can also hide the list by simply clicking anywhere on the map. You won't be able to click on the icon under the ping or see the hover information until you click once on the "ping" to clear it.

    To search all maps, click the gold magnifying glass button. A search dialog is displayed, type in the text to search for and click "Search". All of the default data files are searched and the matches are displayed in a list. Click an entry in the list to display the map with a "ping" at the location.

    To use the map to activate a Map Item or Creep Map Skill, just right click on the icon on the map at the destination location. As long as the map location is available and not on cooldown the map will activate. Note, if you have both of the maps to Gramsfoot or both of the maps to Glan Vraig, only the better map will be activated.

    MoorMap supports Server specific annotations for the Ettenmoors. To use a specific server version, just open the Options dialog, select your server and save your changes. If your server has special names for any Ettenmoors location and you would like those names included in the defaults for your server, please submit them as Feature Requests (see the top right of this web page). When submitting a request, please include your server name, a short name for each location, a description of the location (and if possible a reason for the name) and the location map coordinates. Please keep the annotation names and descriptions appropriate. Submissions that are acceptable will automatically merge with the existing defaults when you download and install an updated version.

    There is an additional chat command, "/moormap ping" which takes a number of parameters and will allow external plugins to add annotations and display them on the map. See the Readme.txt file for more details.

    Future Plans
    I hope to continue adding more support for the French and German clients
    I will continue to add instance/dungeon maps.

    Known Issues
    Foreign language support is very limited at this time.

    Plugins using MoorMap's 'Ping' interface
    Compendium: Your in-game source for, well, everything! This wonderful plugin presents the most needed Quest, Deed, Item and Crafting information in a easy to navigate in-game interface. Available at LoTROInterface.com

    Version Log
    Ver 1.32
    Fixed Euro handling bug reported by Murxx.
    Fixed settings bug when switching between EN and DE/FR clients.
    Fixed missing Treasure Caches in Far Anorien reported by Jethpriel / verified by Murxx.
    Added missing Treasure Caches in Eriador (Angmar, Evendim, Forochel, Mirkwood, Misty Mountains and North Downs) reported by chaotic2091
    Added Mordor region
    Added maps and default data for Cape of Belfalas, Mordor, March of the King, North Ithilien, Pelennor after Battle, Minas Tirith after Battle and Osgiliath after Battle

    Ver 1.31
    Major revamp of Default data processing. No more processing screen. Much faster initial load after updates. Slight (very slight) performance increase when changing maps.
    Fixed bug in global search handling certain special characters
    Fixed bug in Reload Defaults that could fail to fix missing overlays
    Removed the "MoorMapDefaults.plugin" and "MoorMapTerminator.plugin" definition files from the zip package - these files are no longer used and can be manually deleted from existing installations
    Removed the "Terminator.lua" source file from the zip package - this file is no longer used and can be manually deleted from existing installations
    Added Custom Annotations to global Search in response to request by fade2gray @ lotrointerface.com. Added radio buttons to select search type, "Default","Custom" or "Both". Note, this may have a slight performance impact on slower/older machines as the search has to load its child plugin for every map now instead of just once per search but once the search is complete, the resources should all be released so there should be no permanent increase in resource usage.
    Major behind the scenes update to filters to allow future additional annotation/filter types and some other customization options...
    Added a distinct icon (blue flag instead of red flag) and separate filter for Custom PoIs in response to request by fade2gray @ lotrointerface.com - I didn't add a separate filter for Custom NPCs as there are far fewer NPCs and less issue with distinquishing them
    Added Icon Maintenance for assigning custom icons for annotations. Now you can replace the default icons with your own images, simply copy an appropriately sized (32x32 for normal/hover icons, 16x16 for small icons) .jpg or .tga file to the Resources folder, right click the annotation type in the Filter panel to open the Icon Maintenance window and enter the file name (without path) for the icon you wish to use and click Save. Each annotation has three icons, Normal, Hover and Small (used in the Filter Panel). If you want to restore the default icon, simply click Reset Default on the Icon Maintenance Window. You can use other sizes than 32x32 and 16x16 but they will be cropped/tiled when displayed. Note, you can also use built-in resources if you know the resource ID, just enter the number instead of a file name.
    Fixed the PoIs for the History of the Dunedain deed (reported by Thiok and fade2gray)
    Added Default data for U18

    Ver 1.30
    Added separate icon and filter options for Treasure Caches (requested by Jethpriel). Existing default data Treasure Cache Points of Interest should automatically use the new icon.
    Changed "Sage's Lockbox" to "Sage's Locker" (reported by DJPorterNZ) and other moria crafting nodes that were changed.
    Changed all farmlands to simply "Farmland"
    Added Talath Anor, Minas Tirith, Pelennor, and Old Anorien maps

    Ver 1.29
    Added Eastern Gondor maps and default data

    Ver 1.28
    Fixed Search Window location bug when resizing main window reported by bunny.
    Added "pin" to keep Annotation Window open. When pressed in the window will stay open even when the map is closed (but can still be dismissed by clicking OK or the close button). When un-pinned the window will close when the map closes as normal.
    Modified the "Show Location" function - if the player can not be shown on the current map then the "best" fitting map will be displayed. Note, this may not coincide with what the in-game map considers the correct map as that information is not exposed to Lua.
    Removed language specific maps now that Turbine has moved the language specific maps back into the language libraries. The hardcoded map images were blank, so the client now selects the image based on the client language. Basically, Turbine went back to saving language specific maps the way they did prior to Isengard so I had to revert my display mechansim to avoid blank maps.

    Ver 1.27
    Added Western Gondor maps and Dead Marshes map and default data
    Added custom image for Eaves of Fangorn map to replace the one incorrectly shown in-game
    Added overlay for Matalan's quest start locations in Entwood

    Ver 1.26
    Added Nan Curunir (flooded) and Entwood maps and default data

    Ver 1.25
    Minor bug fix

    Ver 1.24
    Fixed a bug that prevented global searches of Western Rohan
    Changed search window to process search when Enter is pressed in the search field
    Fixed conflict bug that would cause search to hang when TerrainMap and MoorMap were both loaded
    Added workaround for bug in GetCommands() that sometimes returns a non-sorting 0th element in the command table which would cause search to hang

    Ver 1.23
    Added Western Rohan maps and default data
    Fixed Moria overview default data
    Fixed a few invalid annotations
    Added support for Whiteberry's Deed Maps as Overlays. Any map that has a Deed map Overlay
    will show the "Select Overlay" message - hover over the message to display the available overlays.
    Click the checkbox to display the Overlay and the Deed Map Legend for that map. Note,
    each map overlay is separate so you have to enable/disable the overlay on each map where you want
    the overlay to display.
    You can click the entries in the legend to activate a "ping" on the map to make the deed markers easier to find.
    Slayer Deed Recommended Areas can have more than one location per map so they can be listed more than once in the legend.

    Ver 1.22
    Changed settings to store at the Character level instead of the Account level. When loaded on a character for the first time settings will automatically inherit the last character's settings or defaults if the plugin has never been loaded on any character.
    Fixed default data bug for server specific ettenmoors data (since no one has reported this bug in over 2 years I suspect that no one actually uses this feature )
    Converted default data files for use with global search functionality
    Fixed bug in placement of hover help for control buttons when map was less than full screen.
    Implemented accent insensitive filtering for local search
    Implemented global search functionality - the silver magnifying glass is local search, the gold magnifying glass is global search
    Added default data for Wildermore and Forlaw
    Fixed the Options Panel Cancel button
    Added Map size and position to Options Panel
    Added Icon position to Options Panel
    Added Quick Annotation Tool position to Options Panel

    ver 1.21
    fixed upgrade bug in 1.20

    ver 1.20
    Changed the way the quickannotation icon is selected for moving. If you hold the Ctrl key BEFORE moving the mouse over the icon, you can grab any part of the icon to make moving it easier.
    Fixed the Good TR and Poor TR map locations (they got swapped with the Ettenmoors revamp and I kept forgetting to fix them, thanks to LagunaD for reminding me).
    Added Opacity to Overlays
    Fixed a bug that would cause overlays to improperly resize when the map was resized if they were a different original size than the map they were displayed on.
    Added maps for Goblin-town. Breadcrumbs are very handy in there...
    Updated Bree default data.
    Fixed incorrect annotation label. "Writhenbores" was incorrectly labeled "Erforgh Cleft". reported by Areswolf.
    Updated default data for Moria revamp.
    Modified Annotation pop-up dialogs to include Location.
    Annotation pop-up text is now selectable for copying to clipboard.
    Updated coordinates in Delving of Fror to allow use of Breadcrumbs and Player Position
    Updated NPCs in Delving of Fror (removed NPCs that no longer exist since the Moors revamp)
    Fixed bounds on Byrgenstow Upper and Lower for Breadcrumbs/Position. Changed map for Byrgenstow Upper and Lower to 1024x768 and added annotations.
    Fixed bounds on Sprigley's Cellar
    Added a check to automatically remove out-of-bounds annotations the next time a map is loaded - this will automatically fix the Sprigley's Cellar (or any other map) custom annotation file by removing annotations that were accidentally added due to invalid bounds.
    Added an Overlay list to the main map window for quickly turning on/off overlays. If any overlays are defined for the current map, the "Overlay" caption will appear next to the map select box. Hover over or click on the "Overlay" caption to display the list of defined overlays and check/uncheck to show/hide the overlays.

    Ver 1.19
    Fixed bug in Breadcrumbs that would save the breadcrumbs to the wrong map when switching maps.
    Fixed a bug in Breadcrumbs that could require the user to switch maps or reload the plugin to get breadcrumbs to display after clicking "Clear" and then adding a new breadcrumb.
    Changed Breadcrumbs to only add on the currently displayed map
    Changed the Breadcrumb "Clear" button to only clear breadcrumbs on the currently displayed map
    Changed how the mouse hover function works in the map selection so that interior maps remain showing if you hover over another map in the same area (makes the list a little less volatile)
    Added sample default overlays for Isengraf and The Ancient Tomb showing the path to the enemy leader
    Updated guild-hall info for Thorin's Hall and Esteldin
    Fixed interior bounds for Thorin's Hall so breadcrumbs and player location now work in Thorin's hall upper and lower.
    Added "stair up/down" map connectors for interior locations (Thorin's Hall, Ost Magol, Byrgenstow, Gerngarth, Wyrmdelf, etc)
    Note, for player position, breadcrumbs, and quick annotations the maps do not account for elevation (yet) so be sure to have the correct level displayed when checking location or adding breadcrumbs/annotations
    Added interior maps for Byrgenstow, Langraf, Ost Magol, The Living Deep, Gerngarth, Isengraf, Wyrmdelf, Dwergfant, The Ancient Tomb, Dígelon and The Creeping Wood
    Added default data for Eaves of Fangorn, Entwash Vale, East Wall and Sutcrofts (not including Hytbold)

    Ver 1.18
    Fixed icon dragging. again. Hopefully I won't accidentally delete this again. You must now hold down the Ctrl Key to drag the Map and Annotation Icons to new locations
    Fixed some inconsistent display mechanics with F12 and Escape.
    Added hover help for control panel icons.
    Added Overlays - users can now view Overlays on maps. An Overlay is mearly a transparent image used to show pathways, directions, guides, etc. on top of a map. Users can make their own overlays as well as displaying built in overlays. To open the overlay selection and maintenance window, click the Overlay button in the control panel near the top left of the map.
    To add a custom overlay, create a .tga file (more detailed instructions are available in the readme) with transparency and copy it into the GaranStuff/MoorMap/Overlays folder (or a subfolder within the Overlays folder). Then in MoorMap, select the map for the overlay, then click the Overlays button, select "New" and enter the info for the overlay.
    This should make it fairly easy to add "guides" to maps and will be even more useful as additional interior maps are added. Users may also want to add overlays to show good areas for grinding deeds, questing, etc.
    Maps can have multiple Overlays and the user can decide which if any are displayed as well as the order in which they display.
    Added "Breadcrumbs"
    Breadcrumbs allow you to mark your way by putting a flashing trail of dots where you have travelled. Since LotRO's implementation of Lua does not allow us to automatically retrieve player position, you have to hold down Ctrl while entering the /loc command. The easiest way to do this is to bind the /loc command to a built-in quickslot which uses the Ctrl key as a modifier. Otherwise you can also drop a breadcrum by holding Ctrl while clicking the "Location" button on MoorMap.
    It is important to remember to hold the Ctrl key until the chat message displays with your location (just hold it for half a second after you click the button). This is because MoorMap's breadcrumbs are actually triggered by the chat message response, not the actual button press.
    Breadcrumbs are persistant until manually cleared using the "Clear" button on the Breadcrumbs window - click the new "Breadcrumbs" button to display the Breadcrumbs Window.
    You can also change the color of the breadcrumbs in the Breadcrumbs window.
    Fixed a couple glitches in percent sizing. Users will no longer get an error if they change to a smaller resolution before unloading the plugin but the map may be too large to display and the user will have to unload and reload to force it back to a size that fits on screen. That's the best I can do until Turbine exposes an event for display resolution changes.
    Updated quick annotation tool and node filter for Tier 7 and Tier 8 nodes
    Added "Most Recent" default map option - this will cause the plugin to remember your most recently used map as your default when reloading

    Ver 1.17
    Added Hidden Burrow in Great River
    Added Tal Mathedras maps (Before and After have distinct data points).
    Updated Great River and Stangard map backgrounds.
    Changed Iron Pit map from the compass version to the Turbine art version.

    Ver 1.16 Updates
    Added the Great River and Stangard maps and default data.

    Ver 1.15 Updates/Fixes
    Changed window and icon locations to be stored as a percentage of display, reducing positioning issues when changing resolutions (plugin should not be loaded when changing resolutions or odd behaviour will still occur as the change can not be detected)
    Readded the Option Window and Button (I just couldn't get used to having to open the plugin manager and then find the plugin to get to Options). If you use the Plugin Manager to set options, the panel will show there by default. If you prefer to use the button on the map, the options panel will be displayed in its normal in-game Window. The PluginManager version of the options panel disappears when the in-game version is being displayed but will reappear when the in-game version is closed.
    Added integration with Lunarwater's Waypoint plugin. If you have Waypoint installed, you can enable Waypoint on the MoorMap Options and then clicking on the coordinates of any annotations will display Waypoint with those coordinates set. Note, after enabling or disabling Waypoint you have to either change the currently displayed map or reload MoorMap for the setting to take effect.
    Updated several annotation icons to use the in-game resources. There are a number of icon resource IDs that I have still not identified.
    Removed Faction Rep Item Traders.
    Added default data for Waterworks, Flaming Deeps, Zelem-melek, Redhorn Lodes and Foundations of Stone

    ver 1.14 Updates/Fixes
    Updated the Quick Annotation tool to support DE & FR clients. Fixed the Quick Annotation tool for the EN client (it had worked for EN prior to 1.13).
    Added The Great Delving, Durin's Way, The Silvertine Lodes and ZirakZigil default data

    ver 1.13 Updates/Fixes
    Added the Oxclan Merchant Camp to Nan Curandir
    Added Frostbluff NPCs

    ver 1.12 Updates/Fixes
    Fixed the resizing bug introduced with the Character Location icon.
    Added Image, Description and Options Panel for U5 Turbine Plugin Manager
    Added Mirkwood, Lothlorien and Caras Galadhon default data.

    ver 1.11 Updates/Fixes
    Added RoI maps and most of the RoI default data. This includes Galtrev, Dunland, Dunlending, Gap of Rohan, Nan Curandir, and Isengard. Some of the NPCs exist in different locations based on your quest status, especially in Dunland, so some of the locations are still missing.
    Added a special map for Pit of Iron since Turbine didn't include one for some reason
    Added the Character Position button that places the character position marker on the map IF the character's coordinates are on the current map. This has to be repetitively clicked by the user to update the position but it's better than no marker.
    Updated the Ettenmoors map to to use the new Creep map skills instead of the old inventory items
    Fixed a couple of bad location values

    ver 1.10 Updates/Fixes
    Added a "mini" icon option that uses a 16x16 circular icon instead of the 32x32 square icon for those that like to put plugin icons on their compass-map frame
    Added default data for Shire, Shire Homesteads, Trollshaws

    ver 1.09 Updates/Fixes
    Fixed map dropdown positioning bug that was added in 1.06 when implementing hiding interior map names until hovering over the parent map name.
    Added a Default Map option so that users can set their own prefered default map. Hopefully Turbine will someday expose the map coordinates and heading to Lua so this will no longer be necessary.
    Changed the description popups to retain position as long as MoorMap is loaded.
    Added default data for Lone-lands. Note that a couple of the NPCs inside the Garth Agarwen instances have only approximate locations until I get a chance to actually run the instances.
    Added default data for Rivendell. Yeah, it's out of sequence but I was on my way to Misty Mountains so...
    Added default data for Misty Mountains. Note, Helegrod and Goblin-town instanced locations are not yet included.
    Added default data for North Downs. Note, Fornost instanced location is not yet included.

    ver 1.08 Updates/Fixes
    Fixed the sizing and positioning bugs for the map when resolution is changed
    Fixed the positioning bug for the Quick Annotation when resolution is changed
    Added Allegiance to the Annotation Maintenance dialog for NPCs and fixed the bug that was setting Allegiance to the Type value
    Added default data for Forochel.

    ver 1.07 Updates/Fixes
    Modified pop-up dialog to handle significantly larger text values - changed width/height calculations to favor 8/3 ratio, changed min/max limits and added a scrollbar
    Color coded NPC icons and Search List results
    Added default data for Eregion, Walls of Moria, Annuminas and Evendim. Note that most of the interior maps for these areas are still not identified even though they are shown with the "Interior Map" icon. Those maps will be added over time as they are identified.

    ver 1.06 Updates/Fixes
    Added ability to display interior maps (currently, only a limited number of interior maps are implemented)
    Changed the Search List so that vendors, traders and other interactable NPCs show up under the NPC header.
    Added default data for Thorin's Hall Homesteads, Thorin's Hall (main floor and basement), Thorin's Gate, Falathlorn Homesteads, Ered Luin and The Delving of Fror.
    Fixed bug that didn't refresh view when "Select Default" filter button was clicked.
    Fixed missing Staddle icons
    Modified how Custom Annotations are stored. The global file only contains those annotations who's maps have not been loaded since they were modified. This will significantly reduce load times for those with a large number of custom annotations (once they reload each map with annotations at least once) and prevent those long load times in the future.

    ver 1.05a Hotfix
    Fixed the bug that prevented saving options changes when not in debug mode.
    Fixed mapID for Enedwaith stables and skirmish camp on Eriador map (they weren't showing on Eriador).

    ver 1.05 Updates/Fixes
    Added the default data for Enedwaith

    ver 1.04 Updates/Fixes
    Added the default data for Breeland, Archet, Bree, Old Forest, Barrow-downs North, Barrow-downs South and Breeland Housing maps
    Eliminated the last jpg map files for the parchement maps, thanks to Equendil for providing the missing resource IDs
    Fixed typo in Southern Barrow-downs map name.
    Added the last Free Peoples Ettenmoors NPCs (TA and Lugz)

    ver 1.03 Updates/Fixes
    Added Quick Annotation control
    Added Ore Node, Wood Node, Scholar Node, Scholar Ingredient, Cooking Ingredient, Skirmish Camp, and Mustering Horn icons
    Added Tier filtering for Ore, Wood and Scholar nodes
    Updated Annotation Maintenance to remove non-user assignable icons
    Updated Icon Filter Panel to only show Ettenmoors specic icons when the Ettenmoors map is displayed (to cut down on need for scrolling)
    Added Angmar zone default data
    Added server specific Ettenmoors annotations for Brandywine, Elendilmir, Firefoot and Landroval. No other servers had special annotations noted at this time, but they will be added as people report them.

    Ver 1.02 Updates/Fixes
    Added a "Reload Defaults" button in the Annotation Maintenance window
    Updated the "Save" mechanism to insert new annotations in alphabetical order in the Annotation Maintenance window
    Fixed language selection to reload the translated annotation list in the Annotation Maintenance
    Added several fields (Allegiance, NPC Type, NPC Rank and Quest type) to the default annotations in preparation for Filter capability
    Expanded to include all of the parchment maps - major overhaul
    Added Icon filter
    Added all of the default map icons plus a new custom icon for Skirmish Camps
    Added default data for Archet
    Started adding default data for Angmar
    Implemented external "ping" command

    Ver 1.01 Updates/Fixes
    Added N/S, E/W radiobuttons for the coordinates on the Annotation Maintenance window
    Added validation to the Annotation Maintenance window
    Added Creep NPCs from Lugz and TA areas
    Fixed a bug that would disable the coordinates in the Annotation Maintenance window when adding a new annotation after editing a default annotation.
    Fixed missing Icon files

    Download from LoTROInterface here
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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Version 1.02 is now available at LoTROInterface.com. Version 1.02 expands the map to include all of the current parchment maps, so you can now add your own annotations to an ingame map. I will be adding default data for each map as I find time (this is a very lengthy process since I'm not only adding the basic icons you can see on the current map but most of the NPCs and other points of interest so I have to actually travel to each location and gather the data). The nice thing is that as I add data, all you have to do is download the new version of MoorMap and the default data will automatically get updated.

    I have also added a chat command to allow external applications to add annotations and display them on the map so that other plugin developers can use this map to display their information. I will also be adding a quickslot bar so that users can quickly and easily track things like ore nodes so that they can then look back at the map and see where they noted the best concentrations of nodes - it will take your current location and target and create an annotation from that.

    Unfortunately, it will default to displaying the Ettenmoors map when first loaded until Turbine provides lua with access to character location data.

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Version 1.03 is now available.

    This version introduces the Quick Annotation control for adding resource nodes and other items with a single click. When you press the control, an annotation for your currently selected target at your current coordinates is added to each map that includes those coordinates - Ore, Wood and Scholar nodes automatically detect the correct tier and store that as well for easier filtering. If you prefer to use a Turbine quickslot for key mapping, you can bind the appropriate chat command, see the ReadMe.txt file for more information. At this time, a limited number of Cooking ingredients and Scholar dye ingredients are recognized, if an item that isn't recognized is targeted, it will be added as a Point of Interest icon - you can manually change those to the correct icon by selecting "Edit" on the popup menu that displays when you hover over the annotation. I will be adding additional cooking and scholar dye ingredients as I come across them.

    The filter panel has been updated to allow filtering of the new icon types as well as the node tiers.

    The search panel has been modified so that right clicking on an entry in the search results will display the popup window with the description of that annotation. Left clicking an entry in the search results will still display a "ping" on the map at the entries location.

    Most of the Ettenmoors NPCs are now accounted for, only the Freep NPCs from TA and Lugz still need to be added. The Angmar map now has all of it's default icons. The next map to be processed will be the Breelands map.
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    Thumbs up Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Great job! Thank you for all your hard work!

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Quote Originally Posted by lunarwater View Post
    Great job! Thank you for all your hard work!
    Thanks. Compendium looks great! I had a chance to test out more of the Quest and Deed map locations with the new release and everything worked very smoothly. I'm glad the projects complement each other so well and the interface worked out. Great job implementing it.

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Version 1.04 is now available at LoTROInterface.com. 1.04 eliminates the last of the JPG maps, all Parchment maps are now using the game resource images so French and German clients will display the correct maps.

    The default data has been added for Bree-land and all of it's sub-maps, Archet, Bree, The Old Forest, Northern Barrow-downs, Southern Barrow-downs and Bree Housing.

    I should be adding the next installment of default values, for Enedwaith, in about another week.

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Ver 1.06 is now available with the default data for Ered Luin. This version also added a significant bit of functionality, Interior maps. Since Thorin's Hall is an interior map much like most dungeons/instanced areas, I added the ability to display these areas so that I could include Thorin's Hall in this update. Unfortunately, like all of the parchment maps, not only does the default icon data have to be collected, but I also have to track down and identify the map image resource ID (adding JPG maps for all of the interior locations would add a tremendous amount to the download size). So far, with the aid of several contributers, I have identified a couple hundred maps, but there are still some that elude me so this will be an ongoing long term project.

    I have started toying with another enhancement idea, "Overlays". Overlays would just be a collection of TGA files that can be displayed transparently on top of a map, allowing for instanced areas with multiple versions to have data specific to the version you are looking for, as well as allowing users to create marked up maps for things like raid instances with pathing, places to avoid, etc. on the map. Since users can create their own overlays, I would allow them to be submitted at LoTROInterface.com as addons and they could be easily be shared amongst the community (meaning less work for me ).

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Version 1.07 is now available.

    I have color coded the NPC icons and Search List results so that Angmar NPCs will show up red and Free Peoples NPCs will show up blue. This should make it easier to find friendly and enemy NPCs.

    I have added default data for Eregion, Walls of Moria, Annuminas and Evendim. Note that most of the interior maps for these areas are still not identified even though they are shown with the "Interior Map" icon. Those maps will be added over time as they are identified.

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Version 1.08 is now available at LoTROInterface.com

    1.08 adds the default data for Forochel and a few bug fixes.

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Ver 1.09 is now available.
    Version 1.09 includes a Default Map setting on the Options panel so that users can set their own prefered default map. I also changed the description popup windows to retain position as long as MoorMap is loaded, they will still default to being centered when the plugin loads to handle any resolution change issues.

    I've added default data for Lone-lands, Rivendell, Misty Mountains and North Downs. Not all of the instanced areas are complete, such as Helegrod, Fornost, etc. but they will get added as I find groups available to go in there.

    I should be adding the remaining areas in Eriador (Shire, Shire Homesteads and Trollshaws) in a week or two and then I may take a break to actually play for a bit before tackling Rhovanion.

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    New to plugins myself. I love this one so far. I'm also new to pvmp and never know where to go when people call out places like TR, TA, EC, but now I can just check the map. Thanks!

    I did notice that Candy Mountain was on the default server, but not on mine. I put it it there. Are there a lot of differences between servers on the map? I was going to switch back.

    I'm the WORST warg on DD

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Quote Originally Posted by bob101910 View Post
    New to plugins myself. I love this one so far. I'm also new to pvmp and never know where to go when people call out places like TR, TA, EC, but now I can just check the map. Thanks!

    I did notice that Candy Mountain was on the default server, but not on mine. I put it it there. Are there a lot of differences between servers on the map? I was going to switch back.
    There are very few server specific annotations. And, as you already noticed, if there is something that your server uses that is not in you server's custom annotations, you can always just add it. Also, if you post a list of any server specific Ettenmoors locations with their names (including any nicknames/abbreviations), descriptions and coordinates (and the server name) on the MoorMap thread on LoTROInterface.com, I will be happy to add them to that server's custom annotations for the next release.

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Ver 1.10 is posted containing The Shire, Shire Homesteads and Trollshaws default data which is the last of the default data for the Eriador parchment maps (not counting a few instanced areas). This will be the last update for a little while - I am taking a break before starting in on Rhovanion default data so there probably won't be another update until some time in August.
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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Ver 1.11 is now available.

    Ver 1.11 adds the RoI maps as well as a map of the Pit of Iron.

    There is now a "Character Position" button which will place a map marker at the character's position as long as the location is on the currently displayed map. Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically update the position so you have to click the button each time you want an update but it's still better than no marker at all.

    The Creep map-in locations on the Ettenmoors map have been converted to work with the new skills now that the inventory maps no longer exist. Unfortunately there is no way to determine whether a specific character has earned a skill so the all show as usable when they may not be (clicking on one you haven't earned will just generate an error message). Because there's no way to determine skill availability, the Gramsfoot location uses the good Gramsfoot map skill, not the crude one, so you won't be able to use the Gramsfoot location until you earn the good one. Freep inventory maps still function.
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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Ver 1.12 is available

    Mirkwood, Lothlorien and Caras Galadhon default data has been added.

    The resizing bug introduced in ver 1.11 with the "Character Position" button is fixed.

    This version also includes Image, Description and an Options Panel for use with the Turbine Plugin Manager (currently only live on Bullroarer).

    It will likely be several weeks before the next update as I will be working on other projects (notably trying to get the update for Alt Inventory completed)

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Ver 1.13 is now available - this is just a minor update to add the Oxclan Merchant Camp (new Update 5 hub) and Frostbluff NPCs (winter festival area).

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Ver 1.14 has been uploaded. This version fixes the Annotation tool bug introduced in 1.13 for the EN client as well as updating it to work with the FR and DE clients. This version also includes the first of the Moria default data files, including The Great Delving, Durin's Way, The Silvertine Lodes and Zirak Zigil.
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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Ver 1.15 is now available.

    This version contains the last of the default data. The last zones are Waterworks, Flaming Deeps, Zelem-melek, Redhorn Lodes and Foundations of Stone. Other than minor corrections that may need to be made in the future, all of the default data is FINALLY available (until Turbine adds a new zone).

    I re-added the Options button and window since I couldn't get used to having to open the plugin manager and then find the plugin just to get to an options panel that is a pain to size properly. So, if you like the Turbine Plugin Manager route, it is still available, but if you prefer, you can use the Options from the plugin itself - note, both versions share the same panel so when the plugin Options window is open the Turbine Plugin Manager will display a blank page, just close the plugin's Option window to make the Manager's panel reappear.

    Ver 1.15 also integrates with Lunarwater's Waypoint plugin if it is installed. To enable Waypoint in Moormap, just open the Options panel, click "Enable Waypoint" and save. Now, clicking on any annotation's coordinates (hover over an annotation) will automatically display Waypoint for those coordinates.

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Version 1.16 is now available with The Great River and Stangard maps and data.

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    Re: [Plugin] MoorMap

    Version 1.17 is just a minor update

    I got tired of waiting for Turbine to produce a Tal Mathedras map so I added two versions of the Tal Mathedras terrain map (Before and After have distinct data points). Now that there is a really ugly map available Turbine will hopefully be motivated to actually publish their art version (there was one briefly available on Bullroarer but it disappeared, probably due to versioning issues with the icons).

    I also added the Hidden Burrow in the Great River area and a few location corrections.

    I updated the Great River and Stangard map backgrounds to use the latest Turbine background - I haven't located the resource IDs yet so these are still just screencaps but they are a bit better than the ones from Bullroarer.

    I finally got around to changing the Iron Pit map from the terrain version I had created to the Turbine art version.
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    Ver 1.18

    Version 1.18 is now uploaded. This version is a partial update for the RoR expansion. Most of the default data has not yet been captured so only The Wold and Norcrofts contain default data. However, this update does contain a number of useful features which were worth publishing before waiting for the remainder of the default data.

    First, in the Options panel you can now select "Most Recent" as your default map which will cause the plugin to remember your most recently used map between uses - this will now be the default for new users and the initial map displayed on the very first load will be Eriador rather than the Ettenmoors.

    Second, there are city maps for Harwick, Cliving, Eaworth and Snowbourn for those that have trouble finding vendors and such in those cities. These are terrain based maps so they aren't the prettiest in the world but they get the job done.

    Third, I've finally implemented Overlays. Overlays allow users to easily create and display a transparent overlay for a map. Each map can actually have several overlays displayed simultaneously with the Overlay Maintenance window controlling the order in which they overlay. This will allow users to create guides, etc. and easily display them with MoorMap. This function will become more useful as more interior/instanced maps are added. Additional details are in the ReadMe.txt file

    Fourth, MoorMap now supports "Breadcrumbs". This allows the user to keep track of the path that they have covered. There are currently a number of limitations, first being that there is a bug in my interior location coordinate calculator so breadcrumbs are not working correctly in most interior locations (although I did fix Sprigley's Cellar for those wishing to see what it looks like in an interior). Breadcrumbs will also currently be added to all maps that include the selected coordinates, so if adding breadcrumbs to a city location, you will also see the breadcrumb trail as you zoom out to area, region, etc. I will likely change this in the future to only put the breadcrumbs on the map with the highest zoom level. Currently the "Clear" function clears breadcrumbs from all maps, not just the currently displayed map - this will likely also change if I change the breadcrumbs to only display at the highest zoom level.

    To display a Breadcrumb, simply hold the Ctrl key while clicking the location button (or hold Ctrl while executing the /loc chat command). I personally chose to bind the /loc chat command to the '=' key on the built in quickslot bar that uses the Ctrl key modifier so whenever I hit 'Ctrl'+'=' I get a breadcrumb.

    I will probably have an additional update in a couple of weeks for the additional default data and another update to fix the current issues with Breadcrumbs a few weeks after that.

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    Ver 1.19

    Ver. 1.19 is now available.

    This version has a number of new interior locations (notably RoR interior instances), the remainder of the default data for RoR, a few bug fixes (including the Breadcrumb bugs mentioned in my previous post) and a couple of new sample Overlays. A complete list of changes is in the version log of the opening post of this thread as well as the Version History.txt in the download.

    The default data for the rebuilt Hytbold is not yet available because, um, well, I just haven't rebuilt the whole place yet so I don't know quite where everything should be As soon as I get rep with all of the factions and complete rebuilding Hytbold I will publish an update with a Hytbold map (terrain style map as with the other RoR cities) with the default points of interest/NPC locations.
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    Thanks for the plugin.

    I find that the Good TR and Poor TR map locations in the Moors are reversed.

    The (green) Good TR icon appears at the Poor TR map-in point, and vice-versa.

    The short-cuts work properly, in the sense that clicking on the green Good TR shortcut properly activates the Good Map to TR ability (but takes you to the location where the yellow, Poor Map to TR shortcut is drawn). And vice-versa.

    With some difficulty, I was able to hack my local copy to fix this, although it involved not only editing the code in MapData_1.lua and Main.lua, but also deleting the .plugindata files.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LagunaD View Post
    Thanks for the plugin.

    I find that the Good TR and Poor TR map locations in the Moors are reversed.
    With some difficulty, I was able to hack my local copy to fix this, although it involved not only editing the code in MapData_1.lua and Main.lua, but also deleting the .plugindata files.
    Thanks for reminding me of that. Turbine swapped the TR map points with the Ettenmoors revamp and I'd forgotten to fix them when updating. I will have that fixed when I publish the changes for Bree's update.

    FWIW, after modifying any of the data.lua files you don't have to delete the .plugindata files, you can just right click on the map, select "Add Annotation" to open the Custom Annotation Maintenance window and then click the "Reload Defaults" to reprocess the default data. You can also open the Custom Annotation Maintenance window by clicking the Flag button next to the Options button in the top left of the map.

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    Ver 1.20

    Along with lots of miscellaneous bug fixes, there are three significant additions to version 1.20. First, I finally found time to revisit Goblin-town and add maps for all of the areas. While doing this I decided to add a new annotation, "quest object", for any item/npc that starts/progresses a quest/deed (specifically for Bilbo's Buttons since I can never seem to remember where they all are). The third addition is a drop down list of Overlays for quickly showing/hiding overlays for the current map. The Overlay list is only available when one or more overlays are defined for the current map at which point the caption, "Overlay", will appear next to the map selection list. Hover over or click the "Overlay" caption to display the list and then select/deselect overlays to show/hide them.


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