Though I have been away from the server for a great deal of time, some of you may recall me as Vrael, or more notably, 'The Fail Vrael.'

In the past several months, I have been working on a short story which essentially became a comedic piece of fan fiction that reflects on several elements of the games mechanics and features, including reputation, deed-farming, plot (most notably The Fallows), NPCs, and most notably, players. All players in the tale are presented in jest and resemble no likeness to their true selves. Any resemblance is pure coincidence. It is my pleasure to now present to you a tale of two heroes who encounter a society so sickening that you are likely to need a bath after reading it. I must warn you, there are several depictions of graphic violence, and the stories main villain, an individual known as 'Dancuru' is quite sadistic in nature and practice. Come now, prepare yourself for this journey, and prepare to laugh like you have never laughed before!