We're a husband-and-wife team who created a kinship for casual PvE questing and small-group instances, as well as social interaction. We're looking for other couples who play together and would like to join us in Middle Earth for easy-going playtime and chat. Mature (as in "older," not simply precocious) single players who are interested in small-scale fellowship action would also be welcome. (If you can still count the number of gray hairs on your head, you're approaching the lower threshold.) We don't do PvP, probably won't get to raiding any time soon, and at this point don't expect to have a kin house. Wife just returned to the game and created several new toons on Vilya, so we're presently questing as a duo in level 40ish areas and moving on to Moria soon. We have Ventrilo, so you should have headsets with mics. At least one of us is on every day, and usually both. You can find me on Pymander (level 78 hobbit minstrel jeweller), Bluntskull (level 78 dwarf guardian metalsmith), Williwaw (level 67 hobbit warden woodworker), Zealator (level 57 man guardian tailor), Jugorum (level 43 dwarf RK scholar), Bormi (level 37 dwarf champion weaponsmith) or Spudwise (level 36 hobbit burglar cook). I have several other toons but usually hit these for crafting on most days. Send me an in-game PM to talk about it.