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    Macro Wars: Watching from the sidelines

    I've been watching--but not commenting in--the threads in General about claims and counter-claims of using combat macros in the Ettenmoors.

    About all I can say about it is: Popcorn futures are up sharply.

    (I'm putting this in "Off Topic" because (a) it's off topic, (b) those threads are bubbling along merrily all on their own and anything I say there would merely enrage the posters, and (c) I suspect that Off Topic isn't terribly widely read.)

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    W H Heydt, I've seen you post literally everywhere on these forums and I gotta say man, I'm a 21 year old who's nearly finished his degree, will go on towards his Master's with adequate savings (due to scholarships, awards and bursaries) yet whenever I see you post something I fangirl so hard like a teenager.

    All due to your respect, integrity and humility in everything you write.

    Though enough with the anonymous stroking, about your post here, smart move in Off-Topic since it clearly doesn't get the traffic that the other forums do.

    Unfortunately, I play with a shatty $15 Walmart mouse so I can't mouse-macro and I'm honestly too lazy to set up hot-key macro's so I just play, as I would like to think, as the game was intended too. I'm also an active PvMP'er and I can say that not -everyone- macro's, and in fact it's still a "single-digit percentage" that macro (this is a stab at Turbine for telling us since PvP'ers amass to a single-digit % of players, they put it at the bottom of their list to work on) however, it still is rising at an alarming rate.

    If anyone can imagine how miniature societies like PvMP'ers work, it's going to eventually become "Either join'em or die to'em" which is unfortunate, due to the exploitative strength of these macros, and since most of us will never join them until we get pushed to our individual thresholds, as we're sensible people who are taught to tolerate more as we mature, it's just going to be a bad flustercluster overall for both sides that participate in PvP. We've all been there, we put up with something that bothers us, slowly but continuously, until the fine line is passed and pent-up rage is let loose.

    Perhaps Turbine cannot see this yet, but if they don't work on this, there will be dire consequences for this "single-digit percentage" and unfortunately, a lot of their revenue for people who pay VIP to PvP (on freepside) will decline at an exponential curve that will be parallel to the percentage of people who start macro'ing once their individual thresholds are met.

    You don't have long Turbine, start moving PvP to the top of you "bug fix" list or a lot of revenue will soon decline rapidly.

    It will snowball.

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    I've seen a quote from Sapience to the effect that Turbine has some changes planned to inhibit combat macros in the Ettenmoors planned for 12.2.

    The other point that--on reflection--occurs to me is to wonder how much of the perception of macro use may be programmable keyboards which--if memory serves--are consider "legal" in LotRO.



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