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    Warden Traiting, DPS & Rotation for Ettenmoors

    So now that everyone has had an opportunity to for the most part fully gear up, and familiarize themselves with the class revamp, what traitlines or combinations thereof, is everyone using in Moors; what dps can the warden REALISTICALLY (i.e.; accounting for creep audacity, movement, and at least SI (semi-intelligence) as opposed AI you get from PVE that is scripted) expect to attain, and what rotation results in the highest amount of dps for you?

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    I think I'm doing 2,4k-3k DPS, depending on the proc chance of a second bleed and crits.
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    Not 'moors specific and I'm sure I'm late to the party, but I've only recently started experimenting with traiting recklessness but spending points in determination tree to get the 'Bane of Shadow' (+20% light damage) at the cost of some of the lesser reckless traits (the various 'sweep' stuff and offensive strike bonuses).

    I also like the 'Counter-Attack' trait from the determination tree: it's hard to quantify but randomly having my builders reset feels like it helps a little with DPS. More importantly, it also adds a bit of spice and variety to what otherwise becomes a bit of a staid rotation.
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