After reading up on the forums, and talking around with different people, i have seen that there might be a want for a PvP based Kin on Arkenstone.. this would be a change from the kins that do run PvP raids, but focus on PvE content mainly.

We instead, as you could guess, would focus on PvP mainly.. and give a greater attention to getting our members geared up and helping them adjust to the PvP (how to fight, tactics, ect..).. we would not only be striving to have just small successes in our fights out there, but would be striving to dominate the opponent (Of course right??) every time we step out there...

Now, noticing that the game is deeply intertwined to get Jewellery and Virtues and stuff through PvE and doing End - Game content, we would of course work together as a kin to run these and get the best possible traits , jewellery ect for our members... cause you cannot be a successful pvper without these.

For those of you who do not know me yet, I am Cintona (Rank 11) Reaver, and have a bunch of different assortment of Creeps and Deok (Rank 6).. I have played all 6 years , starting shortly after the game came out of beta, In my time in lotro I have earned about 1,000,000 Infamy/ Renown points , And have lead successfully in the Moors for about 2-3 years.. And i believe this Kin , if i was to start it, would be very successful, it would (hopefully) not only bring in some very valuable experienced players into the fold, but also intrigue the newcommers to PVP

I can answer more of your questions if you have them, this is just a brief overlook... I am merely just checking to see if there would be a positive response and people wanting to join the Kin

I will most likely be starting this Kin in the next few days if there is positive responses