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    Shield of the Hammerhand obtainable

    Hey guys,

    I have been looking all over the internet but cant seem to find the correct answer.

    Is there any way to still obtain the shield of the hammerhand after HD has already been released?

    I just want it for a cosmetic for my champion, but the XP boost is quite nice as well. Dont have much time to play and my champion is just lvl 31

    Let me know what I could do to get the shield. (and maybe the mount)

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    Greetings, Berathon. Unfortunately, the Shield of the Hammerhand and Steed of the Hammerhand were pre-order exclusives only. There are no plans to make these available separately at this time.

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    As I understand the post by Sapience, the Steed won't be making it to the Store at all.

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    Oh well, thats unfortunate. The shield really looks awesome.

    Is there a comparable item to get the 25% Xp boost bonus?


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    There is a pocket item that gives +25% xp from mob kills and crafting (not quests). It's called the Outrider's Token and costs 495 TP.

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    That's quite a fair price.

    Thanks a lot

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    As a "rule", pre-order bonuses can't be obtainable anymore. But that doesn't mean that another similar item can't exist, so Turbine can create another shield with the same properties, different name and cosmetic look.



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