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    No discount on shared storage in LOTRO Store Sales 01/17/14 - 01/23/14

    When I go to the store and look at the shared storage, there is no discount - even though in the advert it says it is discounted at all levels. A kinnie checked and the 2nd tier of it was discounted for him, it seems the 7th tier is not discounted, at least for me; Is this intentional, or some kind of bug with the store?

    Thank you.

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    Noticed the same. Thank you for posting -- was going to do so today!

    I bought up to 60 shared bank spots yesterday and noticed the discount stops at that tier. I'll purchase the rest of them if they are all discounted, but was going to give it a day or two to work out the kinks in case this was a bug.

    Hoping this is just an oversight.

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    I bought tiers 5 & 6 today on sale and found that 7 was regular price. I was a bit miffed, although they do say "select storage", so I guess they're covered. What was puzzling was that when I clicked on the sale link in the store, the only thing showing was the extra character slot, which wasn't on sale. I tried it a couple of times, ended up putting searching for the storage.

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    Same here. I also hope it is an oversight as I have one account that has been waiting for ages to upgrade shared storage.

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    Anyone know if the higher tiers of shard storage past 7 are discounted? I'll pay for one full price if the rest are discounted.

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    The ad said that the price was 20% off the regular 595-995 prices. It didn't give any sort of "2 to a customer" or "nothing past Tier VII". I would actually buy ten more slots if they were on sale, maybe grind a bit and shoot for twenty. I did file a complaint.
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    Good news, looks like the discount has been applied to all shared storage levels. I purchased the remaining bunch. WOO!

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    I bought two more and am going to try to get another couple before the sale ends. Woot indeed!



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