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    just started a kin and have a couple questions

    On Darrowdelf I started a kin The Watchmen of Middle Earth.

    1) Can i advertize on a server wide scale?
    2) If not should i use ooc or regional.
    3) Is their a section on the forms here or can advertize? looked for one here and did not find one.
    4) I plan on being a kin not geared for end game but to be High Lvl's helpful with characters from deed days. On instance and skirms (is this stupid or may work?)

    thanks for the help

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    Quote Originally Posted by forthman View Post
    3) Is their a section on the forms here or can advertize? looked for one here and did not find one.
    https://www.lotro.com/forums/forumdi...16-Dwarrowdelf Is the specific forum thread for that server (the individual server sub-forums are near the bottom of the main forum page. You can start a new thread there as others have done, announcing your new kinship, and you can also post in this thread:

    That's the directory of kinships on Dwarrowdelf.

    Good luck with your new kinship! Some great people play this game!
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    You can advertise on a server wide scale. You'll need to find out what Dwarrodelf's player-created general chat channel is, but it's most likely to be GLFF. Join that channel and try it out there.

    More often folks will advertise in the /ooc channel in the regions occupied most by new players, like Bree, the Shire, and Ered Luin. As long as you don't make more than a posting every 5 minutes or so, no one will be upset. I've even seen advertisements in level-cap zones from time to time. Be polite and not spammy and you can advertise this sort of thing in-game anywhere.

    Good luck with your new kinship!
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    One very effective way to advertise your kin doesn't involve advertising.

    Help out new players!

    - If you craft, make a bunch of critted, useful, low level (7-16) stuff and hand items out to low level players.

    - Hang out in an area where the mobs are grey to your character and offer to help people in /region chat. Hanging out in Chetwood and one-shotting that warg Baugarch when he jumps some poor low level is a great conversational ice breaker. Then you can talk up your kinship.

    - Take care of some of your slayer deeds and save the task items. Offer them to low levels who can use them.

    - Show people where things are, how to get places.

    - If you have a Hunter, offer to take new players on tours of the locations you can port to. Make sure they click on the stablemaster.

    - When you help someone, you can talk about your kinship. Put details about your kinship in your characters' bios. Then you can just tell people to inspect you and read it.

    - Ask your kin members to help out with the above.

    - Organize simple events open to everyone, like a parade from Bree to Stock or Michel Delving.

    - Have spontaneous events, like creating a fellowship to go kill spiders, neekers, and flies in Midgewater for an hour for the three slayer deeds.

    Stuff like this creates a good first impression of your kinship. Wow. These guys are helpful. They do stuff. They make LOTRO more fun. It's a bit of work for you, and for your officers, but it's a great way to build up a fun kinship. You end up with a good reputation. Other kins and players will recommend your kin to people. ("Sorry, we're an end game raiding kinship. You should check out Watchmen of Middle Earth. They're a good casual kinship.")
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    Thank you all you have helped me a lot



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