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    any recommendations for the new guy ???

    any recommendations for a first time player.. race & class?
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    Hi there.

    Well, I am a new player too (about 2 weeks played now). I'll share my experience so far.

    Classes/races I have played so far:

    1. Elven Lore Master - lots of fun, and super easy to play. The pets are great, and you get plenty of utility too. My Lore Master is currently level 40.

    2. Dwarven Minstrel - a bit more complicated to play- the game mechanics are a little more advanced. a very fun class so far, with lots of damage and buffs. My minstrel is currently level 15.

    3. Human Warden - lots of fun, and a bit complicated. You have to learn the gambit mechanic, but I feel nearly unkillable at a mere level 25.

    That's what I've tried so far, and it's not nearly enough levels to give anyone a true account of classes, but hopefully it gives you a little insight and helps you out.

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    When you reach the character creation screen, browse the classes and watch the cinematic (movie) for each one. Pick a class that appeals to you, then pick the race and gender you want. The differences between the races are minor and it's unlikely that you'll notice much difference in gameplay so be who you want to be!

    The system rates each class by difficulty. If you are concerned about just starting out, pick one of the classes labeled "Easy". You can create at least 2 characters PER SERVER, so you could conceivably try out every class and decide after you get some experience.
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    Race becomes less and less meaningful over time. Some races have real advantages (men's healing bonus helps tanks), but if you came to Middle Earth to play a hobbit go ahead (unfortunately hobbits can't be captains or rune keepers). The biggest difference I've seen is that unmanly types (elves, hobbits, and dwarves NOT women) have to "burn" a racial trait for the "return to Bree" skill (you can earn it roughly level 30). If you aren't a hunter, you will certainly want all the porting abilities you can get (hunters will get a better return to Bree much sooner).

    Quick notes on the classes:

    Hunters: ranged DPS. wildly popular until its time to build a raid, then nobody wants them (ok, an exaggeration). Quick to level due to porting skills (which are even more important until you have VIP for at least one month).

    Guardians: basic tank. Slow to level, quick to get in raids. Can't say I've tried them much.

    Minstrels: basic healer. Levels ok, quick to get in raids (and quicker to get the blame when things go East*). Note they have ranged DPS when solo.

    Champion: basic melee DPS. Levels ok, all the DPS of a hunter with less squishyness. Preferred in raids to hunters.

    Lore master: pet/magic class. Overpowered (haven't tried mine, might be too late) now, will be fixed shortly.

    Burglars: debuffing [?] class. When LOTRO went f2p I made a bunch of hobbit burglars and got bored quickly. Try another class if you don't like them.

    Captains: buffing class, also jack of all trades. Works well in a party.

    Rune Keeper: [paid/locked] odd ball class. Used to switch between DPS and healing, haven't tried it since the big change. Considerably squishy if played like other classes.

    Warden [paid/locked] another odd ball class. Solo dynamo (not faster, just can complete harder quests on their own). Typically tank in raids, but difficult to tank as well as a guardian.

    Personally, I'd just go with a hunter for a first character and plan on trying out others on other servers. It may take awhile (level 20?) to get your first port, but even that makes things much easier. Also, once you get past the introduction into the "real world" (level 7 + complete the "quest of no return") I would suggest starting crafting and likely taking the explorer vocation (which basically helps gather materials, but also lets you craft your armour).

    Finally, my [ancient and barely updated]new player guide (everything you didn't learn in Archet).

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    My personal favorite class is the captain. I had one before the HD changes and loved them then. I just recently created a new one after HD and love the class even more now. It's a class that can do a little bit of everything, which makes them very welcome in groups (although, I do solo 99% of the time).

    Hunter, champion, or guardian are usually good classes to choose for a first-time player because they're pretty straightforward.

    Like somebody else suggest, watch the little videos for each class to see which ones interest you the most. Pick a few that you'd like to try out and level them up to around 20 to get a decent feel for them and stick with the one you like the most.

    As for races, in the long run, race doesn't matter so pick whichever one you like best. Personally, dwarves are my favorite (it's the beards) and I could never get into playing a hobbit.



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