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    The House of Tom Bombadil recruiting

    Hi All,

    THOTB is looking for new members. My wife and I have been in this kinship for about 2.5 years. Its always been not more than a few members. We got involved with the kin leader a long time ago with the understanding one day we would take it over to rebuild it. Well some months back now the leader left to kin to me and my wife.

    Being that this was not a really active kin and was already dead 2.5 years ago. My wife and I were in other kin's to get content done. Well Over the last years most of the kinships I was involved with has Died or just become inactive.

    SO We thought maybe it was time to Rebuild this old kin since it was ours to to with as we please now. Over the last few weeks we have been restocking the kinship stores with Low level matts and redecorating the kin house getting ready to reopen the kin to the General Population once again with hope to get this old kin revived.

    One of our goals is to get back to more group play chatting in vent and having fun. we are big on doing deeds to make Tp and getting all our virtues.

    Completing our rep in every area using a xp disabler. I see today everyone complaining the game is too easy Not true just use a XP disabler and go after mobs 5 levels over you and you will see that the game can still be fun also this make much of the quest reward gear sometimes even worth using.

    The story line can give you nice gear if the quest are 5 levels higher then u are too. Lotro is not going to change the game for us we have to change the way we play.

    I see one complaint after another that there is not enough group content or content at end game well the answer is simple make use of the content that is here as you level there is no reason to be in a hurry to Helms deep that gear is not that great the whole expansion was pretty weak but as level you can do some very good older raids that are old school tough.

    We are alt aholics having max alts on this server this will make thing much easier to have group run that are balance.

    It time to stop the whining about what the game don't have and make use of all the great stuff it does have

    SO at this point we are looking for a few good folks to establish a base of officers to build the kinship from.

    We are looking for Tolkien Fans that love his work no just the run of the mill power level to end game then sit in the forum saying there is nothing to do.

    Our mission is to make the best of one of the greatest games ever made by playing it all not just bits and pieces that get you to cap in 2 months and making friends having good laughs so having a good sense of humor is a big plus along with a friendly nature.

    We are also looking for folks that want to be leaders and mentors to help make this happen. That means people that want to help build this game up not spending their time in the forum tearing it down

    Now the face of LOTRO has changed so much many folks just end up soloing most which yes it can be done that way but to tell the truth having folks to play with IMHO is just more fun.

    Having Folks to chat with in vent and joke with and such really adds much to the experience of playing LOTRO at least it does for us. The problem we have is our kin needs members to hang out with.

    A few of the things I was hoping to do with this kin was to get some folks together to Run

    The Road to Erebor as there is a nice steed for completing this.

    Also I don't know if many know it but there is a very long hard Meta Deed in Moria for a really cool black goat. The name of the Meta deed is Saviour of Khazad-dûm . Well since the game has become solified it kinda killed doing deeds like this as it one time you really need people to complete

    Here is a link to the Wiki on this deed http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Savi...hazad-d%C3%BBm

    Ok so these are just few of the really cool thing we would like to do with this kin.

    We would Like to run some of the older Raids too Like the Rift and Helegrod.

    Lets face it Helms Deep is going to keep you busy for about 2 weeks *lol* but we have plan to running that stuff too. But as I said there is not much to it.

    SO we were thinking what are we going to do for the rest of the year. So build up a kin to run some of this other stuff came to mind.

    So here we are looking to find other displaced players from a better age of LOTRO and needing something fun to do.

    SO there is the plan.

    We just added ventrilo now as well and will be the preferred method of communication in this kin

    I would also like to see us having a few nights a week to Creeps and Freeps doing a bit of PVP stuff for fun too.

    This game still has so much to offer if you just use all the game not just the last level not that the last level stuff won't be done too I just think that the first 94 levels have much more to offer than level 95 ever could

    Just a bit about myself I came here from DDO In just about one year of the 3 years I was playing there Our guild was in the top 10 we did something different there too it was called having fun. DDO was a very elitist game back then and there was ton a folks that wanted no part no that all we did was bring them together and built some great friendships but after 3 years a fighting with the elites I just wanted to play a game and have fun again and that was how I ended up here Me and a half dozen of my officers threw in the towel and came here. I just had no desire to run a kin after 3 years there "but I am quite ready for another adventure"

    So please is this sounds like something u would like to do .....

    1) You can respond to this post
    2) you can send me a in game Mail to Rocbourn (Me Kinleader)or Galwing (My shield maiden)
    3) add us to your friends list and when u see us online shoot us a tell in game.
    4) Opps almost forgot we have a website to if you want to check it out and contact us there http://www.thotb.guildportal.com/Gui...&TabID=3699211

    Or Skype iam2twisted4u@gmail.com if u have it would be the best but add a note when u request to get on my friends list there so I know its about THOTB not some asian girl looking for a buddy *lol*

    We are open to ideas to build this kin and need some really good people to make this work
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