Good day to you all!

My kinship, originally formed with several real life friends (hence the name!) has fallen very quiet recently, as I am the only one left playing.

I am looking to recruit new members to the kin, and am looking for mature, friendly players, whom will be willing to help out other members and engage in decent conversation in kinship chat.

Primary playtimes are 7pm GMT to 1am GMT weekdays and any time over the weekend, but those from any timezone will be welcomed, it will be nice to build a up a global member base.

The spoken language of the Kinship is English.

F2P, Premium and VIP members are all welcome.

Currently I/we do not have any plans for events and set raid times or anything, I want any new members who join to have a say in what we end up doing.

You can contact Elarei in game for an invite or ask any questions you may have, or here.

See you in game!