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    Just a Random New Player

    Hey guys, I've been playing LOTRO for approximately 5 days, and I'm already Level 21. Oh god, I need help.

    Anyway, it's been pretty smooth sailing for me so far, and, as you can probably tell, I'm quite addicted to it. Just a random question, when do you more experienced people suggest I seriously consider buying expansion packs and/or just spending money on the game? I know, of course, it depends on "Oh how much do you like the game, how serious are you?" etc. etc., but I'm more asking like at what LEVEL or relative player EXPERIENCE should I be around to start buying stuff? And if I do, which one would be best for someone my level?

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    well, what lvl are you?

    Anyway, the *free* content ends at around lvl 30. So, get to there, then decide how much you enjoy the game.

    If you like it, I'd say to consider getting at least a month of VIP, it'll rent you access to all non-expansion content (ie. all content up to lvl 50), as well as some permanent goodies on the characters you log onto while VIP (unlocking your trait slots, remove the gold cap, get bags 4 and 5, swift travel, etc.).
    else, if you don't want to go VIP, I'd say to look at the TP you gain from doing deeds in the free areas. Then, get evendim (lvl 30-40). From lvl 40-50, you'll might need two-three quest packs.

    After that, from lvl 50 on is expansion territory; Moria (lvl 50-60), Mirkwood (lvl 60-65), Isengard (lvl 65-75), Rohan (lvl 75-85), Helm's (85-95).

    Though, there are also some non-expansion zones in between the expansions; Lothlorien (lvl 60), enedwaith (lvl 60-65), Great River (lvl 70-75) and wildermore (lvl 85).

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    Level 30 is when the the f2p content dries up. From then you will either have to skirmish your level up which is long and boring or you can start paying for content. I would head to the lone-lands now and take it from there.

    I agree with HalfElven that it is well worth paying for a month of VIP membership.

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    If you know you like it, and have the money, then just go ahead and get the year of vip for 99$. It's cheaper that way. You might also want the https://store.lotro.com/en/special-o...erpack-bundle/ if you didn't already get it.

    You still need the expansions starting at 50, so an alternate path might be get to 30-32 or so in the lonelands then buy the evendim area to get you to 40.

    There is debate as to where to go for levels 40-45. I prefer Angmar... others prefer Forochel. You will likely want to get one of those quest packs or to buy a month of vip (best) at this time. There are two other areas that can help - the Trollshaws and Misty Mountains, but I find them disjointed. If you have the month of vip, you can go to all of them and pick the quests you want to do.

    At 45 (some players start a level or two higher) you head to Echad Dunnan to start getting your first legendary and you need the Moria expansion at that point.
    After you get them, and first step foot in Moria, I'd go back and do all the epic quests that lead up to it.
    You will find Moria easier the first time if you are lvl 50 when you start, but it isn't truly necessary.

    Moria will then get you to 65 or so and to the next expansion.

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    It's not entirely clear to me what the benefit is for VIP for levels 50-95 (other than the chance to PvMP with your freeps at 95). From 1-30 you have free content, although f2p players will have 3/5 the inventory of VIPs. If you are still a month away from 30 (the OP sounds otherwise), buying the Sam Gamgee starter pack would make more sense as "this month's $10 purchase". Note that once you get to ~50th level you will start running into expansions (expansions aren't included with the VIP subscription). You will probably need to fork over $40 for the quad pack and more for Helm's Deep once you get to 85. You might well be better off buying the few packs you need (if any) at this point and letting your subscription drop [Important Note: there is a huge between "never subscribed" and "subscribed for at least one day (although the least you can buy is one month). Swift travel, extra inventory, gold cap perks all stay after dropping your subscription.]

    Everything I needed to know about paying real money for this game. Update (note: not a endorsement of specific purchases, especially the traveler bundle).

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    Thanks guys.

    And Hale, I mentioned I was Level 21; I'm Lvl 22 now.

    I don't think it'll take too long for me to advance to the 30s and 40s considering that I'm playing like 5 hours a day, lol.



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