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    If you're looking for a group to raid with then look for us in glff/HD lff

    A group of us are looking to resume regularly running Pick Up Groups through the various raids available. The content we are keen to run includes but is not limited to: Skirmishes, Helegrod, Barad Guldur, Ost Dunhoth, Deeping Wall and even the old stuff like Tower of Orthanc and Draigoch.

    We have experienced people with great attitudes.
    We have a track record of developing great people into great players - in some cases elitists told these players "you suck".
    We only ask that you are able to listen, learn, develop your character (virtues for example) and accept defeat because it is in fact part of the game. Basically be a team player.

    You aren't required to leave a kinship you're happy with (side note while growing KAOS was never an objective I probably should recruit).

    Feel free to ask for Chuck in glff or HD regional someone will point you in the right direction.

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    A vote for Sapience is a vote for progress? A 4th fix to get Draigoch to "dragon up" that still doesn't fix the persistent bug in the raid is not how I define progress.



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