In all my not too big experience about the PVMP (like a year, with some pauses) i found only one thing very irritating and is not the overpowered classes or skill that keep changing (it's normal, specially when cap increase of 10 lvls)
The most frustating things i ever found in the Ettenmoors are the keeps/delvin backdoors. Those door as you all knows are continously eploited for idiotic long and unfair combats, come out, slash 2-3 skills, run back. With the recent changes with higher hp pools and higher resistance of freeps, killing became pretty long even for a full group, specially for creeps.

It's right that those doors works the same way for both side, but its something that advantage mostly who can heal himself a lot (freeps atm).
I dont want to move any balance found by the devs, but i have this little suggestion:

Wouldn't be better if to backdoors were given a cooldown? 1 use every 2 minutes is enough to make the action not stall once reached a keep.

Who quests doesnt need to go up/down many times, it would save our freep friends from looking like chickens so often.

Write here your consideration about my proposal, pls just dont transform this thread in the usual flame freeps vs creeps. thanks