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    Roleplaying heralds/loremaster pets

    I play mainly as a captain on Elendimir but have made a version of that character on the rp server Laurellin. I have yet to actually rp with anyone there. I have conceived backstories for the heralds I run. I am curious to know if other captains do this or loremasters with how they acquired their pets and do you emote/talk for them?

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    I play on Elendilmir too, but in RP I RP on Landroval as opposed to Laurelin. I am unsure if it's the same there, but on Landy I see people posting for their pets in their same emote, or sometimes just posting separately (such as /e || Roger the Rabbit hopped away.). Some pose little to nothing for their pets. Some people have pets and are not LMs, or have companions and are not captains. You'll see this as well, especially pets.

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    An inventive Cappy in our Kin used a Hunter alt to occasionally RP his herald with us. He played his herald as stoic and as a man of few words so his personality when both were present seemed natural.

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    I rolled a Captain years ago hoping that one day we'd be able to display our choice of heraldry on our heralds. I've spent the last 2 years hating my class whenever I log in.

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    To me the herald really is just a game feature to my captain. Just as the class has nothing to with her IC the herald has nothing to do in my RP. Not saying that I frown upon others doing it, but me personally do not do it and often if I see a captains herald during RP my first reaction is to send a ooc tell and ask if the person forgot to dismiss it.

    However, since other classes are not allowed to have pets (other games have non combat/cosmetic pets) I did consider to roll a loremaster just so I could have a pet, like a cat or a dog. But I gave up on that.
    Other people do RP having pets though, just that you would have to imagine it. This is where it can be good to read someones bio, or write in you bio that you have a pet following you or at your shoulder or whatever. Also, using a afk message is a crafty way to show the world that you have a pet (or anything else for that matter)

    well, thats just my thoughts
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    Galdhron, my Lore-Master playing in Club Eclair on Landroval has an extensive RP experience with his pets, albeit the pets operate on their own animalistic level of motivations and instincts. The bear, raven, eagle, regular lynx, spotted lynx, and to some extent the cat (played as the offspring of the two lynxes) have distinct personalities. At times the others of our fellowship have considered them "party members". Some notable personality quirks:

    Mousebane the Lynx - Once she got a taste for salmon fished from the palace in Tinnudir, she now negotiates for salmon from her LM whenever a difficult or dangerous assignment is asked of her. She plays in the style of Mischief Maker burglar.

    GoreFiend the Spotted Lynx - He's the mate of Mousebane, and a maniac on the battlefield (he always gets put on Aggressive). He plays in the style of Quiet Knife burglar.

    Medved the Wild-Paw Bear - He has the jolly personality of a stuffed animal doll, except when he goes to battle, then he gets annoyed with the foes. It always baffles him when he gets seriously hurt. He plays in the style of Blue Line guardian

    Crabcake the Raven - A bit arrogant and sly, thinks every foe is dumber than he is. "And they call ME birdbrained!"

    Sienna the Eagle - The most affectionate of the lot, and very loyal. Even if you put her on Aggressive, her personality would be more like Guard. She plays in the style of Red Line captain.

    Galdhron acts as an interpreter between the pets and the rest of the party. But sometimes it seems like Galdhron is more of a wooden puppet with the pets pulling his strings. He takes a stand and sends pets away during difficult fellowship maneuvers, where pathing and agro would be a problem.
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    I've given personalities to the pets my LM Lilleduil (also on Landroval) has, but they mostly come into play in her stories, as she generally dismisses them when in a town. Her bear, Roschhanar, is one of her oldest friends. Her Dusky Sabre Cat, Tinnugost, she picked up in Angmar and he has been with her ever since, as his mate and cubs were killed by men. Lintroval, the Eagle, is a wise counsellor, as is Myrnith her raven. Tinnufaron and her other lynxes are faithful, silent companions. Norngaladh, Gondrafn and Aegistill her boggies, are all cheerful, chortling killers.

    I figure their relationships will develop even further the longer I play her. And she always thanks or pets them before dismissing them. But I've not actually emoted with them in a formal RP situation yet.



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