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    Experienced RPer, new to LOTRO

    I have been doing text based RP in iRC chat for many years now, but have just recently started playing LOTRO. I -really- want to be a part of this but am kind of lost. I know generally it gets easier as you go along, but being new can sometimes get the best of ya, ya know? Anyways, I'm having a hard time understanding this whole chat format (concerning the different tabs and such), and while i have read through the forums and such I just don't get it.

    I guess what I'm looking for is a guild (I'm 100% sure that is not what it's called in this game), or a group...or whatever that would be willing to take on a new member and teach her the ropes. Again I am VERY experienced in RP, and know enough of the Lore to get by (learning along the way).

    I don't know what other information would be needed other than my name in game is Celonel. ANY help at all would be appreciated, and hope to hear from someone soon.

    Also if this is in the totally wrong section of the forum, my apologies.

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    Hey, I can totally understand your problem xD

    Basically the different tabs are for different kinds of message, that's easy enough to grasp. The only one that counts as 'In Character' is the local one and the /me one. The local chat is used for speech, and /me for actions. People also sometimes use the local chat with a ((*******)) or a [[*************]] as a kind of rudimentary local Out Of Character chat. For example if someone needs to go AFK, or needs to leave a scene for an real life reason, they can tell the people they are rping with through that.

    I'm not sure if there is a default role-playing tab (because I took a long break and may have set one up myself before that) but it might help you to set one up. Simply click on the tabs at the top of the chat and click create new tab. call it what you want and then unpick all filters apart from Say and Emote. This means that the only things to come up in that tab will be IC and therefore removes some of the confusion I hope.

    As for guild (Kinship) I am afraid I don't have a well established one to offer, but if you are looking for a challenge I am currently involved with other people setting up a Dwarf noble house called House Bloodmane. Its going live "Soon" (when we have maybe 8-9 active people)

    Anyway if you need any more help just PM me on the website, or add "Northarin" to your friends list in game and I'll offer what help I can.

    Hope this was useful xD

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    You can have the tabs you see in the chat boxes set up to whatever you want and label them accordingly. For example i have 5 tabs. The first being set to include everything, the second being for Say/Chat/Combat log, the third for fellowship and kin chat, fourth for my defined channels ( up to four) and the last being the Immediate message tab. You can drag any of the channels away from the main log to any other place on the screen where it suits you best.

    Roleplaying is just generally done in the say and emote channels, although i have seen people of late placing character speech into the emote channel. There are no actual set rules for how it should be done. But personally i would go for speech in the say channel and actions in the emote channel. That way you cannot go wrong and its the more widely accepted standard of role play.

    If you type /rp on it will set your character name to white telling people that you are willing to roleplay, but again personally i just tend to roleplay for the most part with anyone i encounter and see what happens.

    As for your question with regards to roleplaying kinships, well any roleplaying kinship by their nature would be willing to take on newbie players and help them. A good place i can offer to help give you an insight as to whats out there is the Laurelin Archives. Its an independent site used by a LOT of kinships on Laurelin to place details of their kinships and the roleplay that has been carried out by the way of stories.

    Hope this answers the questions you outlined in your opening post and possibly some more you had in your mind. If i can be of any further help just send me an IM in game to my main character Khalis and i will do my best to help.


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    As you may have discovered, it can be disconcerting that in gathering places like the Prancing Pony, you can get swamped in RP chat, emotes and things like regional advice chat. The latter is easy to fix once you get a grip on how to filter chat tabs. The former often requires setting up a fellowship so conspiracies can be plotted in hushed tones at corner tables without everybody else in the local area hearing it.



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