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    Captain LoM Overview, Tips and Combos

    NOTE: Should be up to date as of U13, but don't expect the guide to be updated in the future.

    The purpose of this thread is to give an overview of important skills, traits, legacies etc. with few examples with the hope of giving some inspiration on how the LoM Captain can be built and played. The guide is mainly for endgame Captains but some of it may be useful at lower levels as well.

    Healing is art, DPS is science, Tanking is strategy. (Would like source on this quote).

    Where my LtC Overview focused a lot on a certain rotation, the same concept will not work for LoM. Instead I'll try to put some focus on main aspects of the LoM Captain. The main points will thus be threat, personal survivability, group survivability and then a couple of combos that can be used to handle those three aspects.

    Threat Basics
    To have aggro on the mobs you need to build threat. Basically LoM Captains have three ways of building threat, Damage, Healing and Force Taunt from Grave Wound and Threatening Shout. Reading Bohbashums thread on the Threat changes can be useful: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...g-Threat-in-HD

    We have the following traits for handling aggro:
    Strong Voice: Turns Threatening Shout from being a single target force taunt to a 6 target AoE force taunt
    Demand Attention: Grave Wound applies a 5s force taunt

    Dealing damage: The main route for building aggro in Helms Deep is damage. As tanks you get a 300% multiplier on your damage, so a 1000 damage hit does 3000 damage worth of threat. You can take a trip down the LtC trait tree to grab extra damage, faster attack speed and extra bleed damage.

    Healing: Healing as a LoM Captain is useful for two purposes, increasing survivability and building threat. As with damage, healing also builds aggro (and extra aggro as a tank, but the multiplier is unknown atm).

    Force Taunt: Force taunts lasts for 5 seconds, but they also put your threat level to about 20% more threat than the player/mob (except if it is yourself) who currently has the highest threat on the targeted enemy.

    Personal Survivability
    LoM Captains have a lot of tools for survivability (enough to start threads like these: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...loody-captains ), here's an overview of most of the skills/bonuses etc. that primarily improve your own survivability:

    Situational Awareness: Chance to get 5% Evade chance when using DB, Light of Elendil(???) and Routing Cry
    Absorb Momentum: Up to 5% block chance
    Elendil's Boon: Next hit against you deals 20% less damage
    Defensive Strike: Sure Strike gives armor (extra armor can be gained through legacy) and you get a permanent +5% parry chance)
    Shrug Blows Aside: Up to 5% crit defence
    Standard of Valour (SoV): 30% incoming healing for 30s while near the Standard.
    In Harms Way: Half of the damage your group takes is redirected to you. Can also give up to -20% incoming damage. Redirecting damage works within 20 meters.
    Turning Point: Every Defeat Event gives up to 5% incoming healing for 10 seconds. Seems to stack indefinitely.
    LoM initial bonus: Defeat Events: Getting Defeat Events is important because they boost our Rallying Cry and Routing Cry and also because every defeat event gives a stacking(!!) buff from the Turning Point trait
    Strength in Numbers (SiN): For every ally near you (up to 5) you get a heal every second for 5 seconds.
    Shield of the Dunedain (SotD): Gives -75% incoming damage for 10 seconds. Can be increased by 10s through legacy and 5s through Helms Deep jewellery. Does NOT stack with other -incoming damage buffs
    Last Stand: You cannot be defeated for 7 seconds. Can be increased by 10s through legacy.
    Stand Tall: Every hit against you reduces the active cooldown on Last Stand by 1-3 seconds
    Exemplar: Every hit against you and your Shield-brother has a chance of healing you (like 500-700 @ lvl 95). Critical/Devastating hits against you and your Shield-brother reduces the active cooldown on Shield of the Dunedain and Strength in Numbers by respectively 2 and 1 seconds.

    Group Survivability
    More than any of the other tank classes, the Captain tank can radically improve the survivability of the fellowship through buffs.
    We have the following traits for increasing group survivability:

    In Harms Way: 50% of the damage taken by your fellowship is redirected to you. Works on fellowship members within a 20m radius.
    Fellowship of the Shield: Inspire and To Arms become fellowship wide with 20-60% effect (makes To Arms give 3-9% less incoming damage)
    Standard of Valour: Increases incoming healing by 30% for 30s while near the Standard
    Shield of the Dunedain: Gives -75% incoming damage for 10 seconds. Can be increased by 10s through legacy and 5s through Helms Deep jewellery.
    Gallant Display: This skill does not heal that much but it's still useful and has a low cooldown.

    Combos and Tips
    As explained earlier it's not useful to describe larger rotations as the best rotation depends so much on the fight. Instead I'll try give some generic combos and tips that may be useful:

    Single Target: Grave Wound/Threatening Shout + Cutting Attack + Devastating Blow + Blade of Elendil: Grave Wound/Threatening Shout gives you a force taunt but it also gives you 20% more threat than the player with the highest threat (unless its yourself), so using your high damage skills after the force taunt is useful to build some aggro on top of the 20% threat.
    AoE: Threatening Shout + Pressing Attack + Standard of Valour: Using PA or SoV for some burst damage can be useful to build on top of the 20% threat.
    If you pick Routing Cry stun, using that before Pressing Attack and/or Standard of Valour is a good idea as stunned targets cannot BPE. This is especially important for Standard of Valour as the Banner won't land if it the attack is BPE'd.
    You will most likely want Pressing Attack boosted with PA Target and PA+DB damage legacies so you can build aggro against a number of mobs. Routing Cry damage can also be useful.
    Mass AoE: Against a lot of targets or fights where adds spawn regularly you may want to focus on healing as that will build threat on all targets. Gallant Display can be a really good boost here because of its low cooldown, group healing and low cooldown, and Inspire helps with the healing as well.
    In fights where adds spawn regularly (e.g. first boss in Bells of Dale) putting Shield-brother on your healer can be a good idea as attacks on the healer will grant the Exemplar heal, make you build aggro which makes the attackers come for you.

    Personal Survivability:
    It's more of a lengthy rotation than a combo but here goes:
    SotD -> To Arms + SoV + SiN -> Fighting Withdrawal -> To Arms + SoV + SiN:
    1. SotD makes you extremely durable for up to 25 seconds.
    2. When SotD runs out, using To Arms along with Standard of Valour will increase your survivability for another 30s (though not as much as SotD). Use Strength in Numbers when needed
    3. Afterwards, using Fighting Withdrawal increases your Parry chance by 30% for 30 seconds. With a 2h Sword, On Guard and a lot of parry rating you can get 62% parry that way
    4. When Fighting Withdrawal runs out, using To Arms along with Standard of Valour will increase your survivability for another 30s. Use Strength in Numbers when needed
    By the time the second round of To Arms + SoV + SiN runs out, SotD should be ready again so you can repeat the cycle. Through this rotation you should be able to have strong defensive buffs up more or less permanently.

    IHW+LS can also be worked into the rotation of course (I'd use it with Fighting Withdrawal), but for some fights it is nicer to keep it for emergencies.

    To make the most of the +5% evade chance from Situational Awareness you may want to spread out Pressing Attack/Devastating Blow, Blade of Elendil and Routing Cry, e.g. if Devastating Blow procs the +5%, you might as well save Blade of Elendil for 5-8 seconds in case you proc the +5% evade again. That way you can keep the buff up as long as possible.

    Group Survivability:
    Some DPS classes (especially Yellow traited champions) have a nice combo of dealing a lot of AoE damage and being able to deal even more damage when attacked. The rotation given in Personal Survivability can be useful here as well but instead of targeting yourself with SotD you should target the DPS player and simply let him tank. You should then focus on keeping him alive with buffs+WoC while keeping mobs off the rest of the group and bring them to the DPS player.

    The classic IHW+LS combo is a really good emergency combination for increasing your groups survivability for a short while.
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