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    Legendary items and legacies

    Hi all
    I am finally building my 95 second agers. I have my heal book sorted and will make my dps sword next. Then my buff book. My third age heal weapon is good for now (i figure the dps doesn't matter, although the extra points would be nice, but it will have wait for a while for another shard. )

    I group a fair bit, use melody /yellow for duoing, and dissonance/red for soloing-if that is useful to know.

    The heal book is pretty straightforward but I was wondering what you are all using for your buff/dps books and your weapons, and why?


    And the minstrel sang to them……”and they passed in thought out to regions where pain and delight flow together and tears are the very wine of blessedness.”

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    Some time ago i wrote a summary of the minstrel legacies for reddit. I am copying that here than too:


    book - major

    bolster courage healing - your main healing skill - mandatory for healing, useless for damage

    healing skills increased healing - mandatory for healing - not needed for damage

    healing power cost - you should not have any power problems while healing

    Inspire fellowship healing - nice to have - at this point not needed for healing as bolster courage group heal addition from skill tree heals more - still nice to have for completness on a healing book

    Raise the spirit healing - a small faster healing - nice to have, but not mandatory for healing -- always has CD which makes this skill less useful than before

    Anthem of war tactical damage - mandatory for damage as it increases your damage - nice for healing to buff your group

    Anthem of war phys damage - nice for buffing in both healing and damage specs

    target resist rating (ballads) - you rarely resist your skills


    Book - minor

    chord of salvation CD - mandatory for healing - your oh s**t button with instant healing - also nice on damage as you can cast it while running (especially if soloing)

    hammerhand bubble strength - our bubbles are a joke

    cry of the chorus CD - very nice to have on both healing and damage

    anthem of composure (tact mitigation) - everybody should be at mitigation cap or close to with all that vitality

    anthem of composure (resist rating) - resist rating is pretty much useless - just use a pot

    echos of battle resist rating - you rarely if ever resist

    target resist rating (song) - the amount of songs we have is very limited and they also have limited uses. also resisting is very rare

    dissonance swap buff damage - gives you additional damage the first 8 seconds after you swap to war speech - that is the most useless mechanic i have ever heard of .. even a CD reduction on iresistable music would be more useful


    weapon - major

    piercing cry damage - must have for damage

    heal skill induction time - must have for healing

    call of orome damage - very nice to have for damage as it does alot of damage with only 10sec of CD

    SOS pulses - nice to have for healing, but one of the weaker healing legacies on the weapon

    rally CD - allthough your task is to make sure that no one dies .. there were situation in T2 flight CM where i would really could have used a 2,5min CD on our battle rez

    anthem duration - very nice to have in both healing and damage

    triumphant spirit CD - a instant huge aoe group heal for that one oh s**t moment ... lower CD means you can press it more often - very nice to have

    target resist rating - i have it because there are not many usefull legacies for damage - but even without you rarely if ever resist


    weapon - minor

    call to fate crit multi - mandatory for damage - that skill has such a high chance to crit

    minor ballad damage - very nice for damage as that is the main ballad played in war speech

    perf ballad damage - useless - you dont need more than one ballad

    still as death CD - it is a gimmick for both damage and healing - use it if you want it

    call of the 2nd age aoe targets - nice to have for damage

    call to ioreth CD - very nice to have for healing


    Here is a screenshot of my legendary items. http://imgur.com/W5TcTkY

    i am most likely going to replace bubble strength with cry of the valar CD if we get contet there a healing book can be used.

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    Agree with almost everything said above. I generally try to run 4 separate LIs, two DPS (+) and two healing (@) since there's enough of a legacy spread to cover both well. It's also a bit more important with the HD changes since some skills are gated which make certain legacies absolutely useless depending on what line you're in.

    Book Major
    @/+ Anthem of War damage (physical) - Decent
    @/+ Anthem of War damage (tactical) - Decent
    @/+ Bolster Courage Healing - REQUIRED
    @/+ Healing and Motivation skills morale healing - REQUIRED
    Healing Skill Power Cost - Not Needed
    @ Inspire Fellows healing - You said you use this and you're in Yellow, so it's probably a decent pickup. For me, it's not Bolster, so it's nice to have, but not required
    Raise The Spirit healing - Disagree on this one, never use RTS over Bolster so - Not Needed
    + Target Resist Rating (ballads) - Not needed for general play, can help with resists in the Moors.

    Book Minor
    Anthem of Composure (resistance) - Not needed, only works in the Moors, and even then you almost never use this one.
    Anthem of Composure (tactical mitigation) - Useless
    @/+ Chord of Salvation cooldown- REQUIRED
    @/+ Cry of the Chorus cooldown - Very Good
    Dissonance Stance Swap Buff - Beyond Useless
    Echoes of Battle resistance rating debuff - Again, ok in the Moors, EoB is harder to use than ballads (range limited), but has more utility, so it's a toss up between the two. For general play, this is pretty weak.
    Hammerhand Skills Bubble Magnitude - Useless
    Target Resist Rating (songs) - AFAIK this only affects our Lull, so...useless

    Weapon Major
    @ Anthem Duration - Decent, if you're in Yellow, this is much better.
    + Call of Oromë Damage - Very good for DPS
    @ Healing Skills Induction Time - Very good for Healing
    + Piercing Cry Damage - Very Good for DPS
    @ Rally! Cooldown - REQUIRED if you raid, if you only do group content, at this point it's not terrible but could easily be left off - Only works in Blue
    @ Soliloquy of Spirit Pulses - Ok for healing, it's nice to add in a longer heal pulse, but still pretty weak compared to Bolster - Only works in Blue
    + Target Resist Rating (call to war skills) - Decent for DPS, actually affects a lot of skills - Works best in Red, some crossover to Blue/Yellow
    @ Triumphant Spirit Cooldown - REQUIRED for healing, if you're using a DPS line (or yellow for that matter) you don't have access to TS so it's useless, if you do heal a 45 sec cooldown on this heal is crazy. - Only works in Blue

    Weapon Minor
    + Call of the Second Age targets - Very good for DPS
    + Call to Fate critical multiplier - Very good for DPS - Works best in Red, but you can pick up weaker CtF in Yellow and Blue
    @ Call to Ioreth cooldown - Decent for healing, honestly this would be better but the animation time really kind of interrupts bolster cycles, so the low cooldown is nice, but it's almost an unnecessary bonus - Only works in Blue
    + Minor Ballad damage - Very good for DPS, this is our highest damage ballad so more synergy
    Perfect Ballad damage - Decent for DPS
    @/+ Still As Death cooldown - Very good, but variable depending on what you do, 30 seconds refresh is amazing in the moors, can be useful in group/raid since it's our only way to manage aggro anymore
    Target Resist Rating (Invocation of Elbereth) - Could be ok in the Moors, but there are generally better options, for the most part useless.

    Stat Legacies - Gives around 130 on a Level 95, Tier 2, 3 star legendary
    Vitality - Decent for survivability
    Will - Decent for damage, in general if I'm going to run 1 stat legacy it would be Will.
    Fate - Not that useful
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    Thank you both for your time. I'm seem to be on the 'right' track for my 4 LIs after much experimenting. I hope this helps other minstrels, too.

    And the minstrel sang to them……”and they passed in thought out to regions where pain and delight flow together and tears are the very wine of blessedness.”



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