A few days ago I returned to LOTRO. Now I have an idea - to start a kinship that will roleplay merchants. Of course no one will prevent players from questing/grinding etc, but the main idea of a kin will be to roleplay people who mostly care for their wealth above anything else. Roleplay will be from light to medium, of course all races and classes are accepted. I plan to make RP events about bargaining and haggling, both among members and outside of it, to actually try to get some control of the market (again with good RP), make organized craft and mining, so we help each other and not compete.

So to summarize: the idea is to make a RP community with emphasis on actually earning gold.

Just in case - RPing evil characeters is allowed, however don't forget we aren't criminal syndicate or mercenaries, we are honest (although greedy) traders.

For now this is just an interest check, I haven't registered a kinship yet.

If interested, post here so we could arrange meeting in character.