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    A LOTRO Engagement

    It all started with a few simple words. “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” At the age of nine, that sentence was the magical start to an adventure that would capture my imagination for a lifetime.

    At the age of forty, I passed along that adventure to a child of my own. Looking for a safe online game for my teenage son, I stumbled on a way to combine my son’s love of computer games with our love of great books. I started my LOTRO adventures on Nimrodel and spent a lot of time checking out the community to find friends and kin that would be appropriate for a younger player (I can’t thank A Shortcut to Mushrooms and The Last Alliance enough for their patience, kindness, and loads of fun). Eventually my son went on to newer shinier toys, but in LOTRO I remained. I found a roleplay kin, discovered the MyLOTRO blogs, and began writing my own fan-fiction. LOTRO became a wonderful way for me to connect with creative people from around the world, and it inspired me to tap into my own creative instincts.

    But I hadn’t raided. This big mysterious ‘you are not awesome enough to do this’ thing that I thought I couldn’t possibly ever do. But there was a DRAGON in Helegrod, and I wanted to see it! I asked my kin to help me figure this out, and we gathered a group to start with the drake wing. The night arrived, and we needed a leader. A pretty blonde guard claimed knowledge of the instance and agreed to lead. ‘Her’ first words in voice chat were in the most beautiful deep southern voice I’d ever heard, and by the time we made it through the wing, I was thinking I’d follow this guardian anywhere.

    And so I did. Over the next few years Ellewyn led us through everything from the Rift through ToO. But while we were raiding our way to glory, my writing was starting to take off, and I needed an in-game inspiration for a storyline I was developing. I asked to borrow an Elf hunter of Mirkwood, and Ellewyn obliged with his alt Eluridan. We spent many hours getting to know each other—for the creative process of course. Eventually we realized that the game and the stories were just the beginning of our connection.

    We have survived many adventures over the three years since that first encounter, and this Christmas Eve, we decided to continue those adventures in marriage. We’re aiming for a wedding date of February 2015 in New Zealand (where else?).

    To all those who have befriended us along the way, who have said a kind word about my little stories or poems, who have played with us on Nimrodel or Landroval, who have chatted or RPed or otherwise sent happy vibes our way, I thank you for your friendship. You have changed lives in ways you probably never imagined. To those who created this game, we will never forget that it was your vision that brought us together.

    Best wishes to all of you in this new year.

    --Tuiliel and Eluridan
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    Thumbs up

    Wonderful! Congratulations and best wishes

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    Many congratulations! That is a beautiful story!
    That starts I guess with people respecting others points of view. I did try and put it tongue-in-cheek and only semi-serious but I guess that's lost on you.- A forum poster

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    Congratulations and thank you for sharing May you have many wonderful adventures ahead of you together.
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    Congrats!! It's always to great to hear about others who met and fell in love in LOTRO

    And you'll love New Zealand! I lucked out in that my kinleader that I fell in love with lives in NZ... so now I do too!

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    Red face

    Wishing you many happy years together!
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    P.S. I shouldn't neglect the credits (Nimrodel, Landroval, and old MyLOTRO posters):

    The Muses, though long gone: Battlemaiden, Pumyra (I'd never have written a word of my own fiction had I not seen your work. I am forever grateful.)

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    The Great Minds: Linett, Gaiagil, Henglaf, and Whisperwulf

    The Bestest of Bestest of Best Friends: Sniff, in all your incarnations

    We wouldn't be where we are without any of you.
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    Congratulations and jubilations! What a lovely story. May you continue your adventures together, happily and safely, in Middle Earth and in life.

    And the minstrel sang to them……”and they passed in thought out to regions where pain and delight flow together and tears are the very wine of blessedness.”

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    Congratulations! Make sure you take lots of time for New Zealand
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    What a lovely story! Best wishes to you both. Not many people can say they met their spouse fighting a dragon in Middle-Earth! Are you going to add any related touches to the wedding?

    New Zealand is gorgeous and the people are wonderful. I met my husband in an MMORPG as well (not this one, though LotRO voicechat is where we made our couple status official). We honeymooned in NZ, and I can heartily recommend it

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    Lovely story. I wish you all the best on your future adventures! Much happiness to you both!
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    Awesome and congrats! Great story and best wishes to you both!

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    what a beatyful twist of events, an epic story..
    congratulations and god speed.
    may light shine on your paths in the future

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    Congratulations to the both of you - and may your way always be full of happiness
    ~ Huntress reincarnated ~

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    Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors. Life is a fascinating phenomenon indeed.

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    A great positive read, and just by reading i will live an extra 10 mins, as reading good positive things makes us live longer, Congrats to you and the future wife.

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    superb. congratulations and good luck!
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    Memory of Laurelin
    To your shared future! May it be long and full!

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    Congratulations, and felicitations

    to you both.

    May you never run out of ale or pie!
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    Congrats! That's a beautiful story!

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    Awesome! Congratulations. I'm very happy for both of you.

    And what a pleasure it is to finally read a forum thread today that didn't make me cringe.
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    Congratulations to you both on finding love through LOTRO and for allowing yourselves to be open towards meeting friends and more with each other in LOTRO. New Zealand sounds like a nice place for a wedding and honeymoon.

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    Congratulations and best wishes!
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    Congrats on your marriage and best wishes for your future together. Enjoy every moment of your love life.
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