Hello Silverlode. Most of you don't know me, though some of you might recognize me from pvmp. My kin has been running together since Lotro f2p beta and have had a great time. During that time, my sister and her boyfriend began running together in game and out. They have now decided that it is time to get married and wanted to get married in game. No I am not joking. Yes, it will be legal and it really fits their wish to have a lot of people from all over participate cheaply and easily. Everyone will gather around a computer, log in to one space, and join a raid group to hear the bride and groom. The bride and groom have their outfits all set, as do much of the wedding party. However, we are looking for a few things if any of you can help.

First, we are looking for any spare fireworks that anyone is willing to give, because we are hoping to use them instead of people throwing rice when they get married. I have some stored but many of the guests are creating accounts just for the wedding and so won't have any fireworks of their own.

Second, does anyone have any ideas on a clerical-ish robe? We need the minister to stand out while still looking like a minister and don't really have any ideas.

Anyways, just wanted to share the good news and thanks for being good people to run around with for the last few years.