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    Color packs, Warsteed Cosmetics, Mounts should be account wide

    I just don't understand the logic on this. First off I do spend a lot in the store but I would spend more if items were account wide. I know tons of players feel the same way we have had many heated discussions on our server. I only bought so many color packs cause one they were on sale and two they weren't account bound. I would be more apt to buy them all , plus cosmetics for warsteeds and more mounts to get the cosmetics for warsteeds if they were account bound. I mean come on , $20 dollars for a mount and its on one toon. If more items were account bound the players who usually wont buy at all might. I still wont buy class steeds for certain ones even though I want to mix and match cosmetics but not on one toon alone. I have 12 toons. I just refuse to buy for each toon. most of toons just have plain steeds now with the journeyman riding ability. So with that you actually cut your own throats. No need to get faster mounts now. Only thing left is cosmetics and colors.

    But these are toon bound instead of account. Right now the color packs are like 595 something of the sort, raise it to 895 and make it account bound, I would buy them all and others might buy their first color packs if they went across account. The store was a great idea, but there is making money and being plain greedy which ends up being stupid cause no one buys the item at all. Wouldn't you rather sell 100 at 295 then none at 995, makes sense to me.

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    Agreed, I've spoken about this to kinmembers and others. Most of us said that the way it is now we wouldn't buy any of the items, or maybe just one or two. Whereas if all those war steed things (cosmetics, dyes for cosmetics and hides, the horse-hides..) were account bound and so would be given to all characters on the account when they obtain a war steed (even when a new character is created, he would get them too when at the right level), we would actually think about purchasing some items..

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    After I wrote this post it spoke with about 25 kinmates and friends just to feel it out. It is a mix of players some lifers, some vips and some f2p. All said they would buy them if account bound or if the price came down for single toons. Im sorry turbine prices just too high. I spend enough in the store to fun 20 peeps subs for a year but that is my choice. There are still things I just wont buy cause the price is too high.

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    Just in case you missed it. Completely agree with you by the way.

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    Yeah, I am with you all on this. I have bought a couple of cosmetics for my main only and consider the price way too high to justify spending more. If they were account wide then hmm, there is a tempting carrot....



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