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    Is Turbine ok with the use of macro's? or is it exploiting?

    As there is no visible action or response by Turbine at all, does this mean Turbine is ok with the use of macro's? Afaik it's against their own rules and imho it is a clear form of exploiting.

    While macro's arent even of much use in the current dumbed down pve-content, they have a severe impact on pvmp. Not only wargs abuse it, so do burglars, hunters and whatever other class I havent seen doing it yet.

    Can we please have an official response on this matter?
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    Who is Macro what of Macro's do we speak?


    In any case, the issue is very clear, Turbine have defined what is and isn't allowed many times in the last 6 1/2 years.

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    IF one thinks an (unattended combat) macro or exploit is in use, THEN report it and move on.

    If you are correct, Turbine will take whatever action they see fit, but they won't tell you the results. If you are incorrect, nothing will happen and Turbine won't tell you that you were incorrect.

    On suspected exploits, it is also a good idea to file a bug report with as detailed a description as you can manage, since without a bug report the purported exploit information won't get to the right people.



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