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    Lightbulb Call for Running Old Content on Level Again


    (TL;DR for the lazy people daunted by the wall of text below: If you're bored with the game and want to relive the old glory of LOTRO and run old instances on level, such as GA, Rift and Moria, sign up for it in this thread. If you actually wanna know more, read below).

    It has been repeatedly noted how trivial this game has become since later updates, notably after Update 10. Landscape mobs now die in no more than a few hits, you can aggro entire instances and mow them all down in one go with barely any danger to your life, and it's possible to solo virtually everything naked with a pitchfork. As such, with challenge largely gone from the game, we're left with no choice but to contemplated older, unscaled (read: unruined) content.

    However, as it is, no one actually runs any older content on level anymore. Calls for older instances such as GA and Urugarth/Carn Dum and Moria instances are virtually non existant, and in the rare occurrences when they do appear in GLFF, those players are either forced or particularly thrilled to take a 95 player to help them faceroll through the whole instance.

    Although, a few older instances such as GB, Fornost and Annuminas have been somewhat nerfed - since the older days where Middle Earth used to be reasonably dangerous and not simply a place where you can go AFK in an open field for half an hour, and come back to find yourself very much alive and surrounded by the corpses of countless defeated creatures - there is still some old content that should provide a fresh, challenging experience to on level players.

    As such, I call to all those in Dwarrowdelf, in this most propicious moment (given that there is absolutely no satisfying end-game content with BBs being just a gimmick, and with the whole fate of LOTRO uncertain with the recent announcement that there won't be any new instance clusters coming this year) for those of us who still care to group up and roll new characters, in an attempt to re-experience some of the former glory this game used to offer.

    How is this different from simply rolling a new alt, you may ask? First and foremost, this isn't a race to level up to cap, quite the contrary. The intent behind this is running content on level, with at the very most, 2 or 3 levels over the designed instance level rating. This means we need to level up together, and quite possibly make use of the XP disabler from the store and institute artificial weekly level caps to ensure participants stay in the same level range.

    For this purpose, a new Kinship would be created and all of those with an interest of joining this project would be quite welcome to join, regardless of experience, though be warned, older content might not be as easy as you're used to these days. Players would be encouraged to quest together and participate as much as possible in group content, in stark contrast with the solo-everything mindset of current LOTRO experience.

    To keep a fresh experience, as close as possible to the Elder Days, a few "additions" Turbine has made to the game to make content even easier would be frowned upon and essentially restricted, such as Store/Premium items, whether purchased from the LOTRO Store, received in Lootboxes or Hoobbit Gifts. These include, to name a few: Store Potions, Tomes of all kinds, LI Legacies, Runes, Relics, etc. Players are discouraged to use these sources at all, except to purchase quest packs and content where applicable.

    Granted, recent changes to the game, in particular the class revamps might have the indirect effect of making older content easier, but it will be interesting to see how older instances respond to those changes, and should provide a fresh experience nevertheless.

    Finally, this project is meant to emulate the original difficulty found in the old Shadows of Angmar/Mines of Moria/Sieges of Mirkwood era as best as possible. As such, you're expected to use the gear available during those expansions. Skirmish camp gear is fine. Crafted gear is fine. Quest reward gear is fine. Overpowered gear from Lootboxes/Hobbit Gifts and rescaled instances are not.

    I believe this endeavor could very much breathe life into an otherwise dead server overrun with level-capped players with little else to do. If there proves to be enough motivation within the playerbase to join this project I very much intend to have it move forward.

    If you're interested in joining this please so say in this thread. I can't wait to face the Balrog of Rift with you all at level 50 again. Feel free to contact me in-game if you have any questions, or post here with your thoughts. Thank you for your time.

    - Lunilaeter
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    Uli's alt guard is in
    I'd rather be a hammer than a nail.

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    My cappy (Caranquehte) is in. He's at level 47 right now. Would you prefer I cap him at Angmar (50), Moria (58-60), Lorien (60-62) or Mirkwood (65)? ...bearing in mind that all the mirkwood stuff scales. Also, how would you like to handle trait sets, considering that traits at say level 60 will be very different now than they once were (perhaps underpowered, rather than overpowered, as is presently the case at 95).

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    My guard is 30 and LM is 50, rest are capped though :L

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    Even though I do not plan to leave the kin for this, I have a lvl 55 RK now I was going to lock at 65 (all scaled content is available at that level (scaled stuff isn't complete faceroll at it's lowest option I found), and it has the most instances to do on-level or just little above). I guess as lvl 65 if I take some gimped (not all teals etc. to compensate for the higher level) lvl 50 gear, don't spend all trait points, Ill be fine for lvl 50 stuff as well?
    Anyway, I like the idea, and if enough ppl on the server get alts capped at 65, it can be really interesting .
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    if i get any much more bored with pvmp i would make some/even reroll toon to do moria/od/bg/ToO on level.
    but closer toon atm is 85...:<
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    You guys are not getting this entirely. The idea implies rolling a new character from scratch, so we can group together for all the early Shadows of Angmar/Mines of Moria/Sieges of Mirkwood instances on level. Sure, you could join later on with an existing character and play those when we do get to the pertinent level range, but initially we're looking for people to either create a new low level alt (heavily encouraged) or join up with alts around level 15-20, so they are mostly ready to run GB on level.

    The planned roadmap is essentially along the lines of (number of days on each level range subject to further evaluation):

    Days 1-3 (Levels 1-25)
    • Inn of the Forsaken level 20.
    • Great Barrows - Maze level 20.
    • Great Barrows - Thadur level 21-22
    • Great Barrows - Sambrog level 23

    Days 4-7 (Levels 25-32)
    • Garth Agarwen - Arboretum (32)
    • Garth Agarwen - Barrows (32)
    • Garth Agarwen - Fortress (32)

    Days 8-11 (Level 32-38)
    • Fornost - Wraith of Earth (38)
    • Fornost - Wraith of Water (38)
    • Fornost - Wraith of Fire (38)
    • Fornost - Wraith of Shadow (38)

    Days 11-14 (Levels 38-45)
    • Annuminas - Tomb of Elendil (!) (40)
    • Annuminas - Ost Elendil (40)
    • Annuminas - Glinghant (40)
    • Annuminas - Haudh Valandil (40)
    • Halls of Night (40)

    Days 14-20 (Levels 45-50)
    • Goblin-town Throne Room (50)
    • Library at Tham Mírdain (50)
    • School at Tham Mírdain (50)

    • Urugarth (50)
    • Carn Dum (50)
    • Barad Gúlaran (50)

    • Helegrod Drake Wing (50)
    • Helegrod Giant Wing (50)
    • Helegrod Spider Wing (50)
    • Helegrod Dragon Wing (50)
    • The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu (50)

    ... So on and so forth for Moria, Lothlorien and Mirkwood instances

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    I have to say that I do find the game too easy. Now, I see the Library and the School for level 50 in Eregion. Let me tell you, I did that at level 51 two days ago with my Champion and a Captain, and we were able to beat it like a breeze. I don't know if this plan of yours is going to work. But, to state my opinion, I would welcome a more difficut LotRO.

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    Interested as well, both rolling a new toon and joining a kinship



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