This is posted in many spots about the lands.

Often my kinship has offered to protect those adventurous ones who are unable to travel by themselves to the realm of Lord Elrond but this last year we have neglected this duty due to dangers elsewhere. We now vow to regularly gather those who wish to travel east and offer our protection. We have plans to do this every other month so please take part, bring your friends, walk or ride your horse and converse with your neighbors as you travel. We will be stopping at each stronghold along the way for you to speak to the stable master and perhaps cook up a meal or enjoy a friendly song. We ask that you stay together to avoid coming upon a troll or other denizen along the path. If you should be defeated after we cross the last bridge you will be unable to recover and continue along the way.

We gather outside the south gate of Bree prior to departing at 7 PM. If there are strong and hearty individuals or kinships who wish to help in the protection of the travellers we would be happy for the company. Horses, goats and ponies will be fine upon the road if you keep them contained within the group. This is a light roleplay event, please stay in character. We join in raid sized groups so we can keep track of everyone. Please use the /say channel to converse in character.

We look forward to seeing you next Saturday!