I crafted a level 95 2nd age hunter's bow for myself, and after identifying it the bow has 3 major tiers to start with: focus and induction power cost reduction and merciful shot cooldown. My dilemma is that I do not care about power cost reduction, the only 3 major tiers I care about are merciful shot cooldown, induction and focus crit.

I have some questions, because I forgot how this stuff works.

1. Is it very rare to start with 3 major legacies on an item?

2. All of the bows legacies are tier 4, which is great, but what happens to the tier level if I swap a major for a major? Does it stay at 4 or go down to 2?

3. Does starting with 3 majors reduce the odds of gaining new majors at levels 10,20, and 30?

4. What would a bow like this sell for? I'm thinking about selling it and using the money to buy mats to try again. I gotta have focus and induction crit. Merciful shot cooldown is a favorite of mine but it pales in comparison to those 2.

5. Is the max item level for 95lis still 60 (70 with scroll)? I read something that sounded like they are capped at 40 for some bizarre reason, say it aint so!

Thanks in advance.