Hello guys, good day. I’ve got a doubt about the purchase of Turbine Points through Ultimate Points. These ones:


I’m from Venezuela. It’s really difficult to make online purchases with foreign currency, however, Turbine provides Venezuela with the option of buying Turbine points through cell-phone pre-paid cards with the BOKU system –you go into the mobile payment method, send a text message to the number supplied by BOKU and after sending the text message, the Turbine Points appear on your Lotro Store balance.

This went great with several text messages, but not with others, and regarding the failed ones, I got several emails from Ultimate Pay saying that since they couldn’t reload the Turbine Points I bought, they give me some Ultimate Points in exchange. I went into the Ultimate Pay’s website, into my account, and I saw I did have Ultimate Points available. I then researched how I could use this Ultimate Points as payment to purchase Turbine Points. Then they put this example for another game:


My question is, where in the Lotro Store is this option to use Ultimate Points as payment for Turbine Points. Just remember I can’t use any other payment method besides mobile phone cards, because anything else is very hard to do from my country.
Thanks for reading.