Ok this might not be the correct place to post this but after weeks and weeks waiting for an answer from troubleshooting or bug reports, to no avail, I thought it might be wise to share it in the forum so others can tell me if maybe I'm missing something.

The days before the launch of Helm's Deep I opened and additional F2P account, advanced the character to level 15, bought a house and payed the 100 silver for the 30 chest storage, as it was allowed before the launch. However, when I came to use them later, it appeared as if I didn't buy any chest space.

I've seen several different bugs about problems with the chest but not mine in particular, so I opened a ticket and a bug report when I didn't get any answer (don't remember the order), but never got any answer, not in-game and not by e-mail. Am I missing something? How can this be solved?

Any answer in the matter will be highly appreciated!