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    Looking for a new server

    Well I've been looking for a new server for quite some time and was wondering if any creeps were needed here. Is it worthwhile me leveling to 10 to try this server out or is the server full of enough creeps already. Any information about pvp on this server and the state of the moors here will be appreciated..
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    id say we lack numbers creep side, it depend on time of day but but theres been grams camping.

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    Creepside is definitely not overpopulated here, we need some good fresh blood.

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    There's always grams camping but lately there's been an increase in GV camps and good RvR
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    ya but big difference is when iv been on and been at the gv camp the map is still blue,when we get grams camped its cause map is blue- my point is we get camped not by choice/freep have gotten camped by choice as they can go back way to other places- shows creeps more intrested in pvp not pve-map gets turned red only after freeps leave or auto flips-what i dont get is why freeps come out and flip everything? iv tryed to get folks to leave 2 ops red and 2 blue-keeps as well (auto flip is annoying),but freeps wont have balance-as i post here there 7 freeps fliping map -lame

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    I'd say you'd be welcome here, we need some more creeps and a new face is always welcome.

    We are quite balanced with numbers right now, with a slight number advantage to freeps. A big problem though is that we don't have many high ranks (yes I'm sorry freeps but this has to be brought up) because with rank we get new skills.

    New creeps would be very welcome here but anyone is welcome, freep or creep!


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    As for the action, if you go around the map enough times you can find some solo's, and dou, small group, ect... but usually if a small group is spotted it starts to take on the form of RvR. I don't know who leads freeps now a days (Blatant? Jango?) But either way it can be some fun RvR if both sides particpate (or camping, usually creeps getting camped if only one side is)

    We have decent action and a lot of fun here as I see, creeps just lack a solid raid leader I think? Haven't played a lot so I'm sorry if you lead regularly on creep. But all has been fun for me and decent as long as I've been back.




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