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    Please explain how that works. I've never been in the gaming industry but in every market I have been in, the smart money said "It will take half the time, effort and capital to make one dollar by keeping an old customer happy than it will to pull a dollar by wooing a new customer."

    The only sense I can make of Turbine's current policy is if they have hard statistical numbers from sales and game-play analysis that prove to them that it is only a vocal minority of their existing customers that desire a challenging game and group content. If perhaps folks are spending their money on the Isengard and East Rohan quests packs and not purchasing the full expansions then that is giving Turbine a different picture of their base than the posts on the forum would indicate. If they had disappointing sales on Helm's Deep then their fall back strategy could well be easy sales of 795 TP zones with just quests and war bands.
    Well it'd have to be a balance I think. The more new players you can get in to play the content you've already developed the better, but there's only so many potential buyers to lure in before you need to focus on the players you already have.
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