Hello all;

After the battle for Helm's Dike, I am shown the completion window, told to return to The Hornburg, then I am auto-ported out of the instance.
I see the window for achieving the Statue side quest (yay for me), I see the XP granted, but then I am back at Helm's Deep.

The quest instructions say to Talk to Gamling by the pile of straw near the west wall. I found him beside Gleowine for Chapter 3, that lead me to Gamling and so I started battling.

Now my problem is, I stand in Helm's Deep, lower level and can not find Gamling. I thought it might be a time of day thing, since the quest describes that it is after Midnight and I am at, say Afternoon. Fine so I wait. Still can not find him. The quest arrow on the map shows 27, 000 metres much like as if it was in an instance. So I thought maybe I departed the battle too soon, completed Helm's Dike a second time. I am ported out.

I am back at Helm's Deep and wish to "hand in" Chapter 4 but can not. If he is still at the Dike and I need to see him, the instance ends too quickly. If he is at Helm's Deep, he is invisible to me.

Any advice would be much appreciated.