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    Champion riposte skill

    Hello big fan of the champion here, will always do. It's about the skill riposte! Yes riposte. First thing, nothing wrong with the skill damage and the on-parry event, it's the animation and the sound of it when you make it. It really doesn't sound like your making a true riposte, it sound like your throwing some corn flake into the air and the animation is just too stupid to describe. In my opinion they should make the animation and sound like the skill swift strike. Why swift strike ? Well swift strike it's a fast skill animation (which a riposte should be also) and the sound that it make is aggressive. So what say you champion lover ?

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    agreed, its kinda annoying when the sound and animations don't fit in all that with the description/ gameplay that well

    conviction is an example from the warden, when it makes a crunching noise every time

    I also find the lack of work on general animations like jump - roll, turning, door opening, ooc - ic etc rather annoying, many other mmos get these
    oh the horse death was a nice addition!

    but yeah, they made a huge thing about improving all of this and while some changed, they didn't do enough really imo...



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