Happy New Year, Crickhollow!

As a gift to the server, I'm opening up my housing chest to the server for about two weeks.

The address:

4 Long Street, Goodstoke, Breeland homesteads. Look for a house with a trained cave claw and a glowing red rock. It's across from the Winds of War Kinhouse, with OD Housing Trophy (the pile of rocks).

In the housing chests, you will find all 11 maps of Moria for your Moria deed (worth 10 turbine points), and all 23 maps of Eriador (worth 10 points). I also left some flowers, fireworks, random items, and pipeweed.

Moria maps can be found in the chest, labeled 11 maps of Moria.
Eriador maps - labeled 23 maps of Eriador
Gifts for visitors- obviously labeled for Visitors.

In a few days, I will be removing the maps and replacing with the fortunes (from the Spring Festival) so you can finish off your fortune deeds.

Happy New Year!

Kisses and love,

- Ve